Late to the Game: Resident Evil 2

Welcome to part three in an ongoing series, in which I catch up on a very long backlog and finally play some of your favourite games from decades past. The idea behind this series, aside from simply playing catch-up, is really just to see how well these so-called classics have held up. I think gaming is an unusual art… » 7/06/15 11:31pm Monday 11:31pm

Sometimes, the Last Boss Wins.

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster might have just broken my spirit. I went into it so optimistic, so sincerely stoked to relive what I assumed was some kind of crucial high school revelation and bask in widescreen, razorsharp graphics, that it’s easy to see now that I was setting myself up for certain failure. I was doomed,… » 6/23/15 1:15pm 6/23/15 1:15pm