The art of designing visceral and engaging Bullet Time gunplay 

Hard Boiled. The Matrix. Wanted. For years, movie audiences have been showered with over-the-top action movies that accentuate the on-screen violence to the point where the viewer can’t help but feel completely flabbergasted at the level of carnage that’s shown before him/her. Such popcorn flicks have not only dazzled… »10/07/15 8:25amToday 8:25am

This Is Not the Game I'm Looking For, and Some Batman Thoughts

NYCC week is here, which means a lot of work, but at least my day job is publishing its first print magazine for the event. Yay us! Besides that, lots of emailing, editing for future weeks, and planning personal stuff. Tomorrow is the EA Preview Event, where I’ll get to play the publisher’s upcoming line-up. »10/07/15 8:05amToday 8:05am