Like clockwork a new Tales of... game comes west bringing with it a slew of DLC of various varieties that is kinda... meh, this is Namco Bandai we’re talking about here. However every recent game in the series has had a tie in anime that provided interesting costumes for the series (again Namco Bandai...) we’ve had Code Geass and Star Driver crossovers but due to licencing issues this DLC has never come west. Instead we’ve had to live with your standard issue swimsuits and school uniforms all of which used to be free (Ya still not over that...).

However it was recently announced that the Rebuild of Evangelion DLC will be coming West (Europe at the very least) FINALLY Westerners (god I hope this includes North America) can dress up our anime style protagonists like OTHER anime protagonists. From the released images it’s looking like the standard plugsuits for Shinji, Mari, and Rei will be featured. Japanese images has also confirmed the more revealing “Test” Plugsuit worn by Asuka in 2.22 seems to be Alicia’s DLC component. Normally I’m not a fan of Namco’s DLC but this time I’m genuinly excited. Of course once price is revealed to be $2.99 or something for individual pieces I’ll be less excited...


Other DLC includes; Swimsuits, School Uniforms, and Classic Tales of... costumes featuring... well you know the popular characters by now don’t you? Here is an image of the Akito: The Exiled DLC we missed.