Well, I wouldn't really call it dawn as you can see here…

I feel like I got up too early for this X.X Anyways, after traveling from my humble abode, I arrive at my destination.

Though I feel it's too bright in this picture.

Looks like a lot of people were more determined to a good spot in line than me, but it's not too surprising as this happened every time I've been to PAX :P

It's interesting to see that the League stuff is going to take place in the area where the line forms before PAX opens this year, but as usual, the PAX goers had to make their own entertainment. So, I played quite a few pokemon battles and some dissida 012 final fantasy while waiting in line and dodging maverick beach volleyballs.

My first stop for the day was the Nintendo booth to play some Smash Bros and boy did I play some Smash Bros. The entire Nintendo booth in the expo hall was completely dedicated to Smash and so I got quite a few rounds in, as well as playing some smash run too.

Under the impression of potential swag, I rushed over to the Hyrule Warrior booth to see if I could nab some free stuff, but all I got was a chance to play a great game :P Looking back on it, it feels like this PAX is rather devoid of free swag. Oh well.

Without any more specific things I wanted to visit for the day, I succumbed to my desire to wander the packed halls of PAX. Nothing, really struck my fancy until this…

Just a massive Pikachu floating around a corner of the expo hall. I checked out this pokemon centric booth, but there wasn't anything too interesting there :/


Again I roamed the expo hall before deciding to visit the Capcom booth for some good monster hunter action, but I soon realized that it would be more fun to play the demo with my friends. So, the hunt was put on hold. I still got my picture with the bug lance though :P

After a quick lunch, I quickly returned to my travels where encountered the captain of crunches in the indie section of PAX

My searched more and more, but nothing really caught my interest, until I realized I was missing one thing… a towel. No just any towel, but a smash bros towel. I rushed down to the Nintendo booth to claim my destiny and well... play more smash.

More time past and I realized I had forgotten another thing. League of Legends. In all honesty, this area was pretty bonkers because it was so crowded. How could a screening for LCS be crazy you might ask? All I can say is skin codes and no I didn't get any after great efforts :( On the bright side, I did encounter a lot of awesome cosplayers though, with this Swain being one of my favorites cus birds.

Time was ticking down and I didn't know what else to look at, so I met up with my friends who I came to PAX with and set of to the wizard's of the coast booth where we got to play some magic and I got to dress up like Garruk. With the Helmet and Axe, I'm a spitting image of Garruk, trust me.

So the day wound down and I left with quite a lot of spoils from PAX. Unfortunately, there's a huge hole in my wallet now T_T

Until tomorrow everyone :D