Tee Hee, I know my last header image said "dawn of the final day,' but I lied :P. I wanted to include some reference to the Ben Drowned creepy pasta story as well, but I couldn't think of any.

The day say started of very nice as I got to sleep in a but compared to the previous days and one of my other friends came over to my place before we left and I got to show him all the swag I had. Getting to and waiting for the convention center was pretty much the same as the last few days except for the fact that my friend and I played a ton of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate while in line.


Knowing my love for Monster Hunter, you'd think my first stop would be to the Monster Hunter booth again, but my friend and I actually went to the BoarderLands Pre Sequel booth. I did this because I've heard good things about BorderLands and the both had a pretty awesome shirt.

I thought the game was pretty fun. I got to play the cowgirl character who had a special ability that auto aimed for me, which I was extremely grateful for because normally my aim is terrible in first person shooter games. My only one gripe with the game was the fact that the camera controls were inverted when looking up and down. So, whenever I had to aim manually, I felt like I was trying to control some kind of fighter plane.

Soon after finishing the demo, my friend and I caught a fever and the only cure was Smash Bros :P. I got to play some more MegaMan this time and man I am loving his gameplay. I like the way he can sort of control the battle field with his projectiles. I also played a bit of Rosalina and I really like her mechanics with Luma because it adds a new fighting style to the game. Anyways, I forgot to take a picture of all this action, so here's a pictures of the amiibos instead.

Next we explored the indie booths near the Nintendo booth and we happened upon Chroma Rangers, a game that I thought of backing in the past. The game looked really interesting because it seems to implement a diversity of actions into the gameplay. What I mean is that you're rewarded for doing specific tasks like getting damaged by or not damaging an enemy. I feel this game has potential, but I'll have to see other reviews about it before I decide to buy it.

After a short lunch break, my friend and I decided to challenge the Gore Maragla in MH4U and then get some stuff at the Capcom store. The wait for MH4U was surprisingly short and so we got to hunting pretty quickly. The fight with the Gore was incredibly intense this time. Our group managed to cut it's tail off and we even broke the ground we were standing on once, but in the end we failed. Man it was such a dynamic fight. I hope most fights in MH4U are like it.

The day started winding down and there wasn't enough time to wait in line for a popular booth, so my friend and I did some more wandering till we happened upon an indie game know as Trash TV, a small puzzle platformer. The game was pretty fun with some devious puzzles and platforming puzzles. Also, it had a pretty creepy ambient feel to the game since it didn't have any sounds except for the sounds of your character, the death traps, end enemies. Though, I think the banner for the game clashed with the feel of the game because I can't take a TV wielding a pistol very seriously.

The last thing we did for the day was to attend the final round of the Penny Arcade Omegathon. For those who don't know, the Omegathon is a special Penny Aracde event where participants play games to win tickets to the Tokyo Game Show and tickets for the nest year's PAX. The final round of the Omegathon is notorious for being interesting, because the game played for this round isn't revealed until the event and they have a tendency to be incredibly weird. For example, the game for the Omegathon a few years ago was a crane game, where the person who picked up the most plushies won.

This year, the game for the Omegathon was Pac-Man; the winner would have to get a higher score than the other player. Despite wishing that the game would be Smash 4, the competition was intense. It was so exciting to see the competitors dodge a ghost by a few pixels and it was incredibly funny to hear Mike and Jerry commentate the match. When the competition was over, Mike and Jerry did a round between each other, where Jerry completely blew Mike out of the water. It was so fun.

I have a few regrets with this PAX this year. I regret not getting to the Hyrule Warriors event early enough (curse you GiantDetectiveBoy and your foresight into getting to the event more than an hour and a half early!), not going to the Keji Inafune panel (cus I had a fever :P), and I regret not getting the UDON MH Illustrations 1 (because I got the 2nd illustration book) but I had a huge blast none the less. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my time at PAX. until next time!


You know those monster hunter figurines I got on the first day, well I finally opened them and this is what I got :D