Huzzah, for when I woke up today, it was actually dawn :D. So, my friends and I decided to leave a little later this day because they didn't get to sleep till midnight. In any case, our new start time had us all ready to go!

Despite our later start time, we still managed to get a great spot in line. So, it was pretty easy to get into BloodBorne this time. I haven't play a game in the souls series yet, but I had a good time with the demo. The game was flipping gorgeous and the gameplay was intense, but my demo was cut short by the fact that I died. Also, I got a pretty nice shirt for my efforts. So over all, today was going pretty great.

After the demo, I got separated from my friends who I came with. I think they finished their demo before me or something. In any case, I meet up with one of my other friends at the nintendo booth to get some smash on. Instead of simply just demoing the game, my friend and I decided to participate in a 3ds smash free for all where the victor would get a special smash towel.

It was a close battle for me, I was able to get a ton of KOs on everyone in the battle, but my friend grabbed a home run bat to catch up, which ended in a sudden death match between me and him. Unfortunately, let my guard down and my friend beat me :/

Grrrr... I wasn't going to let this defeat slide. I WOULD HAVE MY REVENGE, but before that, we went to the Penny Arcade Make a Strip Panel. On the way there, we say quite a few interesting things, like Ross (from Gamegrumps) and his Girlfriend walking towards the convention center with their costumes in hand and we saw the Sunset Overdrive bus that was running around the convention center.

The Make a Strip Panel was really fun to watch. Though Jerry and Mike were just answering questions, while Mike made the day's strip, they were incredibly funny with their responses and reactions to some of the questions. Also, they gave some really cool insight into some of the projects they were and have worked on.

After the panel and a quick lunch we returned to the Nintendo booth where I declared I would have my revenge! We quickly got back in line for the 3ds, but whil waiting for our turn to battle I saw SpaceHamster playing at one of the smash stations. So naturally, I asked for a quick picture before jumping back into line.

Finally after waiting for our chance to battle, I brought my A game to this match by capitalizing on the fact that a nintendog was obscuring the screen and then luckily getting a hammer and then killing all my opponents in one fell swoop. I had finally gotten the towel and it felt amazing!

Until Tomorrow Everyone!