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So the results are in:

In this challenge you were tasked with creating a culinary masterpiece for the ages. The 3 judges were shown the pictures of the pies and asked to grade the pies based on Originality, Presentation, and that nebulous “how delicious do you think this would taste?” Who delivered the goods and whose goose is cooked? Let’s find out.


Pie 1 was Taurenrider’s oatmeal apple chocolate chip rammekin fun bites as I call them

Judge 1: Presentation: 6/10 Originality: 8/10 How good I think it is: 9/10

Judge 2:

This pie appears to be a bowl of corn flakes cereal with chocolate chips mixed in. 3/10 for presentation. The appeal (ha ha pun) of having apple topped with a coating of sorts would seem to be fine, but the chocolate would ultimately rob the flavor the oats and brown sugar would add to the apple filling. 6/10. Originality..seems simple to piece together for a fast dessert. 7/10

Judge 3:

Pie 1: Looks like a delicious cookie but then you bite into it and get goopy apple. Not my kind of thing. I would consider replacing apple with molten lava cake. Presentation 7/10. I love individual serving dishes. Too too cute. Dock a few points for mixing apple pie with chocolate. Overall, 5/10Pie 1: Originality - I never would have thought to mix a cookie with a fruit pie. 9/10

Final Score: 60/90 This cookie crumble is nothing to cry over.

Pie 2 was Novibear’s German Chocolate Cake

Judge 1:

This looks like the kind of messy dessert I like and its a cake so 7/10 presentation. Originality is 5/10 since it seems like a pretty standard cake. I’ve never tasted a good gluten free thing, so I can only give 6/10 on how I think it would taste

Judge 2:

Is a cake. Therefore 10/10. Presentation very sloppy and reminds me of Bjork. 3/10. Lacking description aside from German Chocolate Cake. What is the icing? It’s yellow. Is it lemon? 1/10. Originality....10/10. I love anyone who enters a pie contest with a cake

Judge 3:

da hell man, take pride in your icing. Looks like hashbrowns and melted butter 2/10. Excellent description, let the picture speak for itself 10/10. For originality, pulling any decent tasting gluten free cake is a task. I will have to take your word for it that it’s edible. 7/10.

Final Score: 51/90 The judges weren’t too coco-nuts for this confection!

Pie 3 comes to us from Dragonstorm and is a white cake Iced with a maple buttercream with super subtle hints of caramel and white chocolate

Judge 1:

It looks pretty decent, but nothing too mind blowing in the looks department. Hard to judge when its just a slice. 3/10 Presentation. Maple buttercream, white chocolate and caramel seem pretty orignal to me 7/10. Taste 10/10, I’m sure its delicious af

Judge 2:

Is, again a cake, so 10/10. Presentation 4/10 - that is the finest paper plate I have seen in ages. Very festive! Consider a swirl of caramel. Description - 10/10 I feel like I can taste it. Originality - 10/10...beautiful mixture of flavors(edited)

I’m still giving all cakes 10/10. Cakes > pie

Judge 3:

fine porous interior, equal distribution of icing. Good color! 9/10. Description makes me want to taste that fucker now. 8/10. For originality, I would say that this is on the low scale. White is easy. A more difficult task would be to infuse the caramel and white chocolate throughout the cake, and then use the maple buttercream icing. 5/10.

Final Verdict: 66/90 This cake is anything but vanilla!

Pie 4 was my embarrassing lemon meringue pie.

Judge 1:

Presentation: Looks awesome! I likey 9/10 Originality: Store bought crust, insta fail. Nah it looks good, not that original though 6/10 Taste: I have had some bad lemon meringue pie, but I feel like this one would be good 8/10

**editors note: he’s wrong**

Judge 2:

Presentation 5/10 - first picture is lovely. Second picture looks like the pie has an infection. Description 9/10 - though I may not want to taste the cornstarch, I feel like I can really taste it in this description. Originality 1/10 - the only special touch is the lemon zest in the meringue

Judge 3:

Nice pie, do you often hang out in tin foil? 3/10. While you should get a 0/10 for using a store bought pie crust. Making a good pie crust without the proper utensils is difficult. Points for honesty!!! 4/10. Your meringue requires a pinch of sugar, but is otherwise cooked well and browned correctly. Not feeling the store bought crust though, seems too thick. 6/10.

Final Score: 51/90. This score leaves a sour taste in my mouth

Pie 5 was Zarnyx’s pear/gruyere mini tarts

Judge 1:

Presentation: LOOK AT THEM. JUST LOOK AT THEM 10/10 Originality: It can originally just go in my stomach 9/10 Taste: I’m sure this is what dreams are made of 10/10

Judge 2:

You’re adorable and I want to eat you. 10/10. Presentation 8/10 - a little sloppy but I am a sucker for tiny, single serve desserts. It reminds me of a Shopkin. Description 10/10 - I feel like you’re feeding it to me while I am laying here. Feed me. Originality - 10/10. You really put your all into this. Congratulations!

Judge 3:

Your description makes me want to kidnap you and force you to do my baking until the end of time. 10/10. presentation, mini pies in a cupcake tin that hold their form and are cooked evenly without scorching. 10/10. Originality, I would eat this a lot. They look good, not too much cinnamon (you can tell from the caramelizing) the lattice is a nice touch. 10/10

Final Score: 87/90. Now you’re just showing off. I can’t pear it.

Pie 6 is Magpie/sunflower’s mini pumpkin pies

Judge 1:

Presentation: These are also cute as f—k. 10/10 Originality: I like the idea behind them all, coolest idea yet 10/10 Taste: I really like pumpkin pie so I’m biased, but I’m sure this is 10/10

Judge 2:

It looks like a science experiment. 10/10. Description 7/10 - I feel like I know what I would be getting in to. Originality - that it is pumpkin lowers the score a bit. But, the variety of pumpkin-ness and the crusts bolsters your score. 6/10

Judge 3:

mini pumpkin pies, seems legit. 7/10. Originality, at first glance it would appear to be a tart of sorts, seems cooked throughout. 6/10. Presentation is confusing, I cannot tell if they are all pumpkin or some are a pudding placed next to the tart pumpkin pie things. 4/10.

Final Score: 70/90 judge three is so harsh it makes me want to pumpkin cry

A last minute pretzel/chocolate concoction from Burt Reynolds Jr!

Judge 1:

Presentation: They look good! Lumpy chocolate always looks appealing to me 8/10 Originality: I like everything in them and I dont think I’ve ever had peanut butter and caramel together in one chocolate bar before. 8/10 Taste: That said I’m not sure how I’d like the combination 7/10

Judge 2:

Presentation....honestly looks a little poopy. But in a delicious chocolate poop way. Would be cute in their own cupcake papers. But, it’s chocolate, so 7/10. Description: It’s everything I love smooshed into one bar. I know exactly how it would taste. Amazing. 10/10. Originality....great combo, but nothing new. 5/10

Judge 3:

So, you made turtles, with pretzels. Would eat. 7/10. Presentation: would not make me sick by looking at it, though there is a lack of consistency between the individual bars. 6/10. Originality: you made turtles with some PB and pretzels in the mix...this is a good combination. Nothing earth shattering though. 5/10.

Final Score: 63/90. For the record I want this the most. What’s wrong with y’all!! CHOCOLATE ALL THE THINGS!

6. Novibear and Aikage tie!

5. Taurenrider

4. Burt Reynolds Jr

3. Dragonstorm

2. magpie

and the winner of the 20 house points and TAY bragging rights (tm) is...

1. Zarnyx!!!

Congratulations Zarnyx and team Ravenpuff for their 20 point gain.

C’mon Slythendor step up your game! Keep an eye out for the holiday house cookie contest! Coming soon (whenever I get time I’m supposed to be ‘working’)

Special thanks to:

  • Kidechka, Quiddity and SeethingHatred for their judging skills. You guys judge so hard.
  • Taurenrider, Burtreynolds, Magpie, Zarnyx, Dragonstorm, and Novibear for their effort in actually getting pictures of their stuff together.
  • Everyone who read this far and commented to tell me how wrong the judges were in their rankings (You were robbed Tauren and Burt!)