Hello all, and welcome to today's Open Forum! I am TUT, and I'll try to be your host for the day, today.

"*Sigh* TUT, military stuff again?" is what I'm sure you're thinking. No, I don't get tired of the same things. I'll have you know, at both of my regular restaurants, the waitresses don't even have to give me a menu anymore. I sit at the same place, and eat and drink the same dishes. Why? Because their food is so goddamn good, and those respective meals so perfect, I wouldn't want to change them for anything else. Also, it's because I'm honestly a boring, prudish, tenacious person when it comes to my preferences. I mean, even in games, I like to stand still and act like a normal person. Even in the multiplayer. I'll stand still, walk around, try act natural, and only strafe and move about erratically if the situation warrants it. Which leads us to our topic of the day.

I honestly can't say I really played Battlefield (Although I'm thrilled for the new one). But, those few encounters I had with it, I tried to behave like what I think a real soldier would, in that scenario. And, well, you really can't do that in the multiplayer. You'll get goreverized if you're not running around, jumping around, and reloading compulsively after every third shot. I realize that it's no fun to just stand still. And, well, I'm being slightly hypocritical, since I am the guy who'll start beating up others and committing suicide via gravity in Red Dead . . . all the time. But, I never rolled my way through Hyrule, nor was I ever a bumper jumper in Halo. Hell, I liked to pretend I was part of an actual sniper team whenever I played SWAT with my friends. So, what type of player are you guys? Are you the type of people to spam the jump button all the time? Or, do you like the subtle elegance of staying put, nice and still?


Did you guys know that one of the links I included in this section last time was a Rick Roll? Heh, got you~ Anyways, you know, the usual stuff. If you're new to TAY, please check out our TAYtorial. I promise, it doesn't have a dedicated FAQ system, but it'll answer your initial doubts. And, don't forget about TAY Classic. It's where everybody starts out (But conveniently forget to add the tag for it once they're authors . . . you guys know who you are ~.^) And yea, I just used a tilde as part of an emoji. Anyways, update our TAYlendar if you have important dates or events coming up that you think our community should know about . . . Also, did I forget TUT Day? I think I did . . . I hereby claim this Saturday to be TUT Day II. You guys can't have it. Fight me for it~✩