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Happy Monday everyone and happy Veterans Day. If you know anyone who have chosen to defend your nation, please take a couple of minutes today to honor and show your respect. Even though this is something that should be done on a daily basis, let’s make sure that we do not let this day go without respecting them.

I would also like to give my thanks to DamsonRhee who took it upon herself to cover for me last Monday and write the TAY Open Forum while I was away at a business meeting and did not have my laptop at the hotel I was staying at. She is a great asset to this community and I’m very grateful for covering my back. *Applause*


I would like to open this Open Forum with my gaming escapades lately but guess what? There have been none! I hate my schedule and my PS3 hates me because all I use it for is for Hulu Plus and Netflix. I’m just not at home often to play games on the big screen anymore. L

With that said, I have been spending time on my phone playing some small time killers. Specifically Rayman Jungle Run. It’s such a simplistic game but it feeds the craving I get to play something. So I’ve been thinking of getting a 3DS. Well, mostly I’m already convinced I’m going to get one but I would like to know everyone’s opinion on a couple of things. I’ve been looking at GameTrailers for video reviews on all the 3DS games that intrigue me and so far Fire Emblem seems to have peaked my interest with its story, character development, and my favorite type of gameplay…RTS. Of course I’ll get more games but this might be the one I pick up first and play around campus and what not.

Other than the games for the 3DS, I would like to get some info from my fellow TAYers!

1.) What is your opinion on the 3DS and how has your experience with it been?

2.) Do you play it a lot or does it collect dust often at times?

3.) Do i need to play the other installments of Fire Emblem to know what is going on in Awekening? Is there any difference between Super Smash Bros for the WiiU and the 3DS other than the graphics?

4.) Would you happen to know what musical formats it can play back? Can I listen to music on it with the lid closed via headphones?

5.) What essential apps can you download for it? Do they have Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc.?

6.) What would be the game you recommend the most on the platform and why? I like a game with an amazing story so that should narrow it down I guess.

7.) Which system bundle should I get? The new Legend of Zelda one looks amazing but it brings a digital copy of the game L

8.) Considering the 3DS is capable of playing DS games as well, should there be a game from the older generation that I should keep my eye on?

9.) Anything you want to add about the system would be awesome.

I don’t want this to be all about me though! How are you? Anything interesting going on in your life and in your gaming habits? Feel free to ask questions yourself and talk about anything you please. Hope you have a good Monday and enjoy it as best you can!