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So over the weekend, I went with a friend to watch Song of the Sea, an international animated film. It was being shown at a single theater in the whole of NYC, a small indie theater, with movies such as Naruto: The Last, and such.

When we went in, to our surprise, there was not another soul in that theater room. We had the whole theater to ourselves.

Iv'e got to say, that is the best (and most fun) way to watch a movie. Why? Because my friend and I just kept making our own commentaries and voice over. Made so many Zelda references during the film, as well, as quite a few inappropriate commentaries.

Unfortunately, this old guy came in towards the last 10 minutes of the film to get a seat for the next show (like a whole 45 minutes early for the next show for some rated R film).


Today's topic: Talk about a time when you encounter a situation that would not have happen on another given day. Or whatever you like.