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Good morning and welcome to another TuesTAY again? No problem.

I have recently returned from a trip to Sweden and Denmark! I'm very glad to be home, but man I will miss the excellent water and air quality. And drinking personal wine bottles on trains. Scandinavia is absolute beautiful. It's a bit intimidating, though, with how stylish and cool and attractive everything and everyone is. Of the places I visited, Copenhagen was definitely my favorite. It's an incredibly gorgeous city in both architecture and natural surroundings, and it has a nice, laid back atmosphere.


It also made me think about how I've always loved harbor and port "hub" type cities and towns in games. Lindblum from FFIX is a favorite. I just love the hustle and bustle of those places.

What is your favorite city in a game? What type of architecture do you like best, whether in games or real life? If you could have a game city based on a real one, which would you choose?

Talk about this stuff or anything else below!