OK, so I feel very bad because I was all, LET'S REVIVE PHOTO CLUB.

Then Nach agreed and even let me do the first post! Which, I then proceeded to forget to do for several weeks. I know I didn't blip it and I know I suck, but if I don't finally write this, I'll never do it and Photo club will fall back into despair!

So, the theme this week is weather. I originally said SNOW but since it's getting nicer out you probably have some nice sunny pictures or rainstorms or something.


For me, my pictures are from a jog I did mid February. I really enjoyed these pictures at first because I felt they demonstrated nicely just how alone I was when I was running. Although you can see evidence of other people, I never met a single one while I was out. When I saw them at full size I realized that there had been condensation on the lens which made them all blurry (And/or I was shaking because it was -100 degrees).

So, have your pictures ready? Well, post some of your pictures below!