Hello Hello and Welcome back to TAY Time Chat! with PokéCountdown week gone, we can look up for a new and amazing theme this week with no more Pokémon post around, as a matter of fact... I don't care if you cool kids are having fun with your Xs and Ys! Nah today we are going to talk about paint! Specifically how it dries...




Okay guys... I need help! I have 7 hours until I get my copy of the game? What should I do?! But first... how was your weekend TAYter Tots and Tottetes? Anything cool happening around where you cool cats live?

News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

It was 2001, Nintendo was desperate to break into a new market for video games, enter DS Phat and their line of bizarre TV ads, as impactful as these ads were for me, I never bought a DS of my own, not even when they redesigned it... but one thing stood in my head, and that was the song that played during the Metroid Prime commercial..

The song in question is La Belle et la Bete by Big Soul

It took me a while to find this song, since my searching skills weren't as developed as they are nowadays, in the end got the album through a french store... only to be stolen years later cause a drunk bum thought it was a good idea to break into my car... and just last year I bought the album again.

Recommended View

Timelapse of the last Space Shuttle flight.

Well... time for me to go and wait... just a few more hours until I practice French in the form of Pokémon! In the meantime go to the Open Forum, and talk about anything you want, or catch up with last week stories (and racial abuse of a guy named Nacho) in Astro's Monday Brunch! after you're done with the feast go pay a visit to Mr. Sylver in TAY Classic's Off TAY-pic. The same Astro who is bullying in the Monday Brunch will be back tomorrow in your Free Tea-Time(ish) News round up!