Bitter Cold

Happy Weekend TAY!

It is supposed to be brutal cold in my neck of the woods this weekend with predictions of -41C, including the windchill, on Saturday. (which is the same in fahrenheit, I guess damn cold is just damn cold no matter what scale you use). Time to bundle up inside with a nice game this weekend.


I am *just* getting over my cold which hung on for over a week and a half. I’m thinking now it was maybe the flu with how awful I felt, but yesterday (Friday) was the first day I started finally feeling back to normal. Now I’ve got to get my ass back to an exercise routine.

I didn’t play a whole lot last week being sick. Quantum Leap on TV, Stephen King’s IT on audiobook, and Army Of Darkness: Defense on my phone were the highlights of my entertainment. (all of which can be done laying in bed).

Army Of Darkness: Defense is a neat little tower defense game. You have to control Ash and his army to defend the Necronomicon from being taken by the hordes of deadites. It isn’t deep but it is surprisingly addictive. I think I’m about 45 waves into the game and haven’t felt any need for the in-game purchases of gold to level up your troops. Definitely a cool little pickup and play game that would likely fit most gamers downtime with their phones.

I did manage a wee bit more of The Witcher. I finished off chapter two and I’m still hooked. The story is really driving the game, though I’m actually enjoying the exploration as well. For not being an open world, the “levels” feel quite large and the amount of time you spend in them really breeds familiarity. By the end of the chapters you are easily able to navigate the area without the aid of the map. Part of this is due to the great level design; it really feels like a lot of love went in to the game’s creation.


I think the Hard difficulty mode is feeling right to me. While I’ve been challenged and had my ass kicked in some spots, I’m slowly becoming god-like. I think some of the magic spells might be a little overpowered though. I guess time will tell.

It’s a great game. I can’t wait to see what chapter three brings to the table.

Yes, I look like Greedo with my cactus helm. So tiny, it hurts my eyes.

My weekly game night with my buddy on Twitch involved more Terraria. It is alright, though I’m not sure I’d want to play it for a long haul. It is maybe slightly too random for me and doesn’t offer as compelling a game as something like Minecraft. I am interested in seeing how the console versions of Terraria work though. I think I’d prefer the platforming more with a controller, though I’m not sure how they deal with the construction aspect which seems very reliant on the mouse. Maybe it is finally time to break down and get that Steam controller.

Other than The Witcher, I did get in a little more of Yoshi’s Woolly World with my son last week. I think it might be the best thing I’ve played on the Wii U aside from ZombiU (which is now no longer exclusive). Woolly World is such a treat visually and the upgrades to the Kirby’s Epic Yarn engine on the more powerful hardware of the Wii U definitely have huge returns in the graphics department. We are making very slow progress since my son’s school work seems to have grown exponentially since the new year began, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every level of the game we’ve played so far.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more accomplished in The Witcher this weekend. I’d also really like to get back to Rock Band 4 since the Rock Band (1), Rock Band 2, Lego Rock Band, and AC/DC Live imports have all dropped. Despite the poor sales, Harmonix really has done a great job with the imports for Rock Band 4. Hopefully my snot-filled lungs will be up to the task.

So, what are you playing this weekend?