I rested my weary head on the soft pillow, my mind full of troublesome thoughts. What right did I have to be sleeping in a comfortable bed when only a few short hours ago for myself so many had died? While the people of Eorzea had five years to begin to recover from the wounds wrought by the Calamity, as they called it, I was still in a stupor. The shock of it all had finally hit home and I found it too much to bear.

When sleep finally came to me I was tormented by the sights and sounds of the Battle of Cartenau still so fresh in my mind. I relived it all, from the very first charge to the moment when we were whisked away by Louisoix's magic. Then I dreamt of something I had not seen before. How can I describe it? I stood among the darkness of the night sky, a million pinpoint lights of stars all around me. I could see one of these lights not far from where I stood.


As I approached the brilliant light, a wave of noxious shadows appeared and a man in a black cloak and mask stepped forth from them. An aura of wrongness emanated from him, a disgusting pulse that I couldn't help but step back from. He raised his hand in my direction, a surge of dark energy beginning to coalesce around it. A light enveloped me and I drew forth a mighty bow, somehow now garbed in my old Bardic attire. As the dark figure lashed out at me, I pulled the bowstring taut and loosed an arrow of light.

I awoke to the smell of sea water invading my nostrils, something that I had not missed since I left Limsa Lominsa so long ago. With the dream fading from my mind I staggered out of bed and got myself ready to face the day. Cleaned and clothed once more, I made my way to the Drowning Wench to see what tasks Baderon had for me. He suggested I visit the Arcanists' Guild while I acclimated myself to town. Not wanting to give away that I was already familiar with the city, I accepted his suggestion and left the tavern by way of a nearby staircase and went to the lower levels of the city.

After re-attuning myself to the city's Aetheryte Crystal, I found the Arcanists' Guild and registered with the receptionist. Having lost the majority of my equipment and gil to the Calamity, and wanting to continue the deception that I was a new adventurer, I took up the skills of an Arcanist. Arcanists have the ability to summon a familiar, a little furry creature called a Carbuncle.

Mastering my combat skills beside my new companion would prove vital soon enough. With book in hand I spoke to the Guildmaster, a tall imposing Roegadyn woman by the name of Thubyrgeim. She welcomed me into the guild, showed me some pointers, and I returned to Baderon for a new task.


Baderon sent me out to Summerford Farms in the surrounding La Noscea region to speak with a farmer there named Staelwyrn. The Roegadyn farmer explained to me that he and his fellow farmers were once part of a pirate crew and they were having a tough time acclimating to the life of a landlubber. I helped around the farm for some time, my tasks ranging from slaying monsters beside my Carbuncle familiar to helping collect the crops. It seemed like everything was going to work out for the once-pirate farmers.

At day's end I returned to Staelwyrn and spoke to him once more. He thanked me for my assistance and said that his old crew had been improving. However, something was amiss. Some of the famers had told Staelwyrn that they had seen suspicious and vicious looking strangers lurking around the farm. Apparently there had been a rash of kidnappings lately, and the farmers were becoming unsettled. It was rumored that these kidnappers with the blue-tattooed faces had a hideout at Seasong Grotto. I told Staelwyrn I would investigate that very night.

When I arrived at Seasong Grotto everything seemed fine. It was then that a woman, a Miqo'te, approached me. I had seen this woman before, long ago. Her name was Y'shtola, and she had once been an ally. She too found me to be familiar, but did not completely recognize me. Before I could tell her who I was, we were attacked.

The frenzied Goobue approached us swiftly despite its massive size. These giant, plant-like creatures were normally so docile. I had seen many of them roaming La Noscea going about their own business. Something was certainly not right here. Without any other course of action, Y'shtola and I dispatched the frenzied creature. We inspected its remains to determine what sent it into such a rage. Y'shtola found a curved knife stuck into the creature's back, one that is often used for cutting rigging on ships. A common enough knife in Limsa Lominsa, but this evidence lead her to believe that the kidnappers were indeed pirates. Y'shtola bid me farewell and with knife in hand I decided to return to Staelwyrn and inform him of my findings...


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The Crystal's Call - Diary of a Warrior of Light