The Echo. How does one even begin to explain this power, this phenomenon? This power gave me the ability to witness past events and relive them as though they were my own. While I could see these past events and interact with them, my interaction in no way changed the present. In addition, the Echo seemed to allow me to be able to understand all manner of man and creature. This first time I encountered a Moogle was when I learned of this aspect of the Echo. While it is indeed a gift, it is a dizzying one. There have been many times when it came upon me without my knowing. I witnessed events only later to realize that they had not just occurred, but happened years before.

I first received this gift many years ago on my original trip to Limsa Lominsa. I had been aboard a ship in a storm traveling to the city. There were numerous others like me, adventurers who were about to set foot on Eorzea for the first time. The mood in the cabins below deck was sour as the boat rocked in the sea, the waves crashing loudly against the hull. This was my first real trip away from home and I spent most of it curled into a little ball in a corner, my arms holding my knees tight to my chest. Over the sound of the roaring storm I heard a soft voice, faint at first, but growing louder. A phantom aria, singing softly in my ears. I slowly got up, searching for the source of the song.


I can’t explain why I left the cabins. Like a siren’s song, the melody drew me onto the deck and into the storm. As the storm raged around me and deckhands went about securing rigging and sail a mist seemed to coalesce around me. The aria rang louder in my ears and I looked skyward. All I could see was swirling mist and a brilliant light in the sky. Stars began to rain across the sky originating from the light. I watched the star shower in awe, never having seen anything like it before in my life. I was knocked out of my vision by a particularly rough wave that sent me sprawling to the deck.

Y’shtola was there. This was the first time I had met her. She helped me to my feet and the churning sea crashed against the boat again. With this wave came a number of monsters. The crew fended off the beasts, urging us to return below deck. Before we could make our way to the safety of the cabins, there was loud deafening roar.

I looked up again in time to see a sea serpent easily twice as long as our boat leap over us, crashing back into the water on the other side. The sailors swore and Y’shtola and I retreated back into the cabin. I huddled back in my corner, somehow feeling safer there despite the raging storm and the sea full of monsters. I didn't know then that the things I saw would be just the beginning of a grand adventure.


I snapped out of my reverie and quickly returned to Summerford Farms. Sevrin and the rest of the farmers had made it back by the time I arrived, and Sevrin seemed as though he was ready to atone for his crimes. I spoke to Staelwyrn, explaining why Sevrin had acted as he had. Feeling sorry for the man, Staelwyrn suggested I speak to Baderon back at the Drowning Wench. The tavern keeper held some sway with the Yellowjackets, Limsa Lominsa’s police force, and perhaps he would be able to lessen the severity of Sevrin’s penance. I bid farewell to Summerford Farms and returned to Limsa Lominsa.

Baderon was kind enough to listen to my story after I took a seat at the bar. While Sevrin’s actions were indeed reprehensible, I felt that the man had been coerced into doing so by means of threat of bodily harm. Of course, Sevrin wound up taking a good beating anyway which I felt he rightly deserved. Baderon agreed to talk to the Yellowjackets and have the man’s sentence lessened. The tavern keeper also seemed quite pleased that I was able to do so much good in such a short time. He told me that if I kept up with it I might one day become a hero like the Warriors of Light were five years ago. I smiled modestly in agreement and quickly retired to a room at the Inn before Baderon could congratulate me any more. I had gotten too caught up in the recent events that I had almost forgotten that everyone had forgotten me. The high of being a hero came crashing down on me. What was the point of everything I had done up to that moment if no one could remember? And worse yet, what if it happened again? I spent the night curled up in the corner, much like I did out in the storm swept sea on that night so long ago.

I awoke sluggishly the next morning, my body aching everywhere from sleeping the way I had. By the time I had cleaned and dressed my mood had not grown any better and Baderon had noticed. He set aside his task of waking up and kicking out drunkards from the night before to chat me up. Noticing my mood, he suggested some more light work. Apparently, the Nym River Skylift had requested assistance from an adventurer to help with assorted tasks. It was the job of the Skylift to deliver cargo via balloon up the sharp cliff face to be transported into town, and they were recently inundated with cargo needed for ongoing restoration efforts. I didn’t really care, but anything was better than moping all day in the tavern.

When I arrived at the Nym River Skylift I spoke to a Roegadyn named Wyrkrhit. He was one of the overworked lift operators and explained that while everyone was focused on operating the lift and overseeing cargo the other odd-jobs that needed to be fulfilled were falling by the wayside. I spent the morning delivering packages across the Middle La Noscea region. When I returned to the Skylift Wyrkrhit had a new task for me. It seemed that a local wagon driver had been accosted by some form of creature and abandoned his cargo on the road to Swiftperch in the Western La Noscea region. It seemed to be very important so I made haste to the location of the abandoned wagon.

Upon finding the wagon and its contents I was attacked by a large slug which I easily dispatched. I couldn't believe that the wagon driver had dropped their cargo over a common slug. The cargo in question turned out to be a Millioncorn sapling intended for the farmland at Swiftperch. Already well on the way I decided to deliver it. The package was meant for a man name Lyulf who I found quickly, but I wasn’t ready for the sight of Swiftperch.

The land surrounding Swiftperch was desolate and ruined, only weeds growing across the landscape, and the people living and working there sullen and defeated. It seemed that the further out from Limsa Lominsa you got the worse things became. Even five years' time was not long enough to restore the land here back to its former glory. Only Lyulf seemed determined to make things better. He told me that his father had buried a fortune underneath their old house. He felt that with that money he would be able to do good for the people of Swiftperch. Unable to leave the farm, he requested me to obtain the buried riches.


In the last hour of daylight I struck the casket underneath the destroyed house. The casket was extremely light and I suspected that it did not contain anything of value. All the same I returned quickly to Swiftperch and gave Lyulf the casket. My suspicions were confirmed when he opened it and we found naught but wheat seeds. I was ready to console the man but he seemed ecstatic. He explained to me that his father’s riches were all in thanks to the success of his crops, a strain of wheat created specifically to grow in the harshest environments. With these seeds, Lyulf was sure that he’d be able to turn the barren lands of Swiftperch into flowing fields of golden wheat.

With nowhere to stay for the night I started the long trek back to Limsa Lominsa, but didn’t make it far. I overheard a Yellowjacket on guard duty mentioning to another guard that the light coming from the lighthouse looked dim and showed concern for any ships trying to navigate the rocky waters. The lighthouse was in the opposite direction I was heading, but I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. I set out west toward the lighthouse and found the lighthouse keeper, a Roegadyn named Khanswys, fretting over the furnace. She told me that a bomb, a fiery monster, was usually at the heart of the furnace keeping the lighthouse lit. However, it had recently escaped. She was trying her best to make due by stoking the fires, but it wasn’t enough.

The bomb was last seen heading north toward a hillock known as the “Flock” because it was a large Dodo breeding ground. I headed toward the hill, lantern in hand, hoping to draw the attention of the runaway bomb with the flame. It wasn’t long before the creature attacked me. I tried my best to lead it back to the lighthouse, letting it chase me for some time. The creature must have been grown frustrated because it exploded long before we reached the lighthouse. I scavanged the small crater it left behind and found its arm, still burning red and radiating heat. I carried it back in the lantern and presented it to Khanswys, apologizing that I couldn’t get the creature to comply.


She said that the bomb arm would do until they were able to capture a living one again, but even if they did she feared her repairs to the furnace would be unable to hold one and she’d be back at square one. Unable to do much I apologized and began to leave. She asked me that if I was heading back to Limsa Lominsa that I speak to the Armorer Guild’s Headmaster and put in a request for repairs. I agreed and began heading home.

It was almost morning by the time I returned to Limsa Lominsa. With my task unfinished I ignored the urge to find a comfortable bed at the inn and instead went straight to the Armorer’s Guild. I found Headmaster H’naanza already stoking the forges for the day’s work. I spoke to her about the damage done to the furnace at the lighthouse and she agreed to send someone out to perform proper repairs as soon as she had the chance. I gathered that there was a large project going on at the Moraby Drydocks in the Lower La Noscea region and many of her craftsmen were busy there. She did give me one last interesting bit of information. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the furnace at the lighthouse needed repairs. She had just sent someone out to perform the same repairs the previous month. Could it be that the bombs they’re using are more volatile, or is a third party getting involved?

With this mystery fresh in my mind I returned to the Drowning Wench and reported in to Baderon. Apparently some people at the Skylift were upset that their courier had disappeared, but after telling the tavern keeper what I had gotten myself into he said he’d smooth things over for me. I thanked him and told him I’d be retiring for the day. I dropped my belongings just inside the door as I entered my inn room and plopped down on the bed, not even bothering to get undressed.


Despite my mood when I had first woken the morning before I couldn't help but feel better. I had seen the desolation that had come to the land and seen that despite that there were still people out there who had refused to give up. So what if people didn't remember my actions? Even if they couldn't remember, I did. I know what good I have done. The look on Lyulf's face when he saw the wheat seeds. The gratitude Khanswys showed me even though I couldn't bring back the bomb in one piece. My actions mattered.

I fluffed my pillow and got more comfortable on the bed. The long walk and the events of the day before had tired me and I had a feeling I would need my rest for the days to come.


Well, fourth entry down. I feel this one had quite a bit of characterization and fleshed out the character a bit more than the last ones had. She's full of herself at times, has a strong sense of justice, but also suffers from bouts of depression. She's clearly suffering from some post traumatic stress from the battle of Cartenau, and it will crop up again in the future I'm sure. I wanted to convey that even though she's one of the Warriors of Light, she's still human. Not just a destined pawn out to save the world and become a legend. Looking at this from the perspective of progression, "Relighting the Torch" was a level 11 quest. The city specific storyline ends at level 15 where the missions start becoming the same for everyone irregardless of starting city. The hotly anticipated (no pun intended) fight against Ifrit is level 20 and ends the Open Beta story content. I'm getting more excited myself as I get closer to it, and I'm really hoping that everyone who's stuck around this long will continue to do so. Please look forward to it.