Over the weekend I went to Denver Comic Con as part of the Artist Alley. After all my excitement there (and the withdrawal from my daily TAY fix) I return to talk about what happened.

Denver Comic Con is the biggest convention in Colorado, and it looks like it's going to be one of the biggest in the west pretty soon. I talked to one of the staff as things were winding down and heard there were 55 thousand people in attendance. It's not the biggest con I've gone to, but it's definitely the biggest one I've been an exhibitor for. Not only that, this was only my second artist alley!

Because this year is the 75th anniversary of Superman, and Superman Returns is coming out soon, Superman was definitely the theme of the game. There was a Superman statue at the entrance to the exhibitor's hall, as well a reproduction of the Daily Planet for the press booth.

This is my table! I'm really proud of it because I actually have a decent display up. My last display at my first AA was a bit puny because I only had half a table, so no vertical stands or anything.


My prints actually sold really well, and by Sunday I had actually run out of one of my designs. Not only that I got to meet a ton of great people. On Saturday I was part of a panel about webcomic creators that was moderated by Greg Weisman of Gargoyles and Young Justice fame. It was really exciting to be considered a professional like that. Though compared to my fellow panelists I really felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Also on Saturday I got to meet Richard Epcar, a big name in both anime and video games because not only is he a voice actor (he was Ansem in Kingdom Hearts), he's also a producer and director whose company has worked with Square Enix and NIS America to help get more niche JRPGs localized. I got him to sign the poster I got with my Mana Khemia game. I also took my 3DS with me so I could finally do street passes with people. I've owned my system for months but never ran into anyone else with a system.

Cosplayer time! I took more pictures than these but I wanted to keep my stuff more game-centric.

In terms of stuff I bought I picked up a few comics I was missing (alas, most of what I was looking for wasn't there, my tastes tend to go towards series very few people know very well, but aren't particularly valuable issues) as well as a bunch of Sailor Moon plushies, Madoka blindboxes (wish I bought more, they were so cute!) a Barnaby statue from Tiger and Bunny, lots and lots of copic markers and none of which I paid full price. I got some crazy discounts because I was a fellow exhibitor. Deal Ninja strikes yet another con! The last thing I got which is game related is a card game called Tentacle Bento

It's a game that parodies Hentai tropes since the aim of the game is to collect as many school girls as possible. The game play is like a combination of gin rummy, crazy eights and a tactical card game like Magic or Yugi-Oh! I can't wait to play it, but I just need to find someone to play it with.


The con was a total blast and I'm already signed up to do the artist alley again next year. If any of my TAY peeps go next year, don't forget to stop by and say hi!