Nan Desu Kan is the main Anime Convention in Denver, Colorado, and something of a best-kept-secret in terms of Anime Cons. Though the draw definitely goes over the 10K mark every year, we tend to be overshadowed by Dragon*Con, which usually takes place around the same time.

This was my third Nan Desu Kan, and my second year in a row doing their Artist Alley.

Unlike a lot of cons, the Artist Alley is not in the same place as the dealer's room, rather, it's in the Atrium/Lobby of the hotel, so a lot of people are forced to come through and check things out, also, you can get a preview of everyone's goods before going inside. Last year my neighbor was a person who does steampunk jewelry, this year I was situated next to a Gothic Lolita stand and someone who made Chain mail accessories.

Every year people who stay at an Atrium room can participate in the balcony contest. They decorate their balconies and then the attendees vote on their favorites. This year there was a Plants vs. Zombies one, a Power Rangers one and a Tumblr-themed one.

For the past week or so the weather has been raining like crazy, causing flooding in major cities in the north and shutting down some of the highways, making it really hard to get to the con for some people, but nothing could stop the hardcore people who come every year. The more family, intimate environment that NDK has makes it feel like you're missing your best friends if you don't come. Thankfully flooding wasn't an issue for me.

Business was WAY better than last year. Last year was my first AA table ever, so I was still feeling my way out. This year I have way better displays and people started buying stuff right away. I printed way more of the Loki and Stitch prints I did for Denver Comic Con and they *still* sold out by early Sunday morning.

Saturday was extremely eventful because first there was a fire alarm that forced the hotel to get evacuated. Unfortunately the Marriott's disabled accommodations are really bad, so when I sent out the disabled doors, I got trapped in front of a small decorative cliff and couldn't get into the parking lot. Because I was forced to stand I ended up collapsing and having to get wheeled back into the hotel when we got the all-clear. Then right after the fire alarm there was a Flash-Flood watch and a Tornado warning.


Sunday I had to cut short because I got 'con flu' and the weather started getting bad again. When we came back on the highway you could barely see because of the rain.

Cosplayer time!

I actually bought very little this year. I was hoping to find the Kotetsu to match my open-faced Barnaby figure, but alas, no both had one. Instead I go this really cute Madoka figure. It's like a Nendoroid, except it's fully poseable, and in the artist alley I found a booth selling Noises. They had Frog and Pig Noises and I went with a pink Pig Noise. I actually traded them one of my prints and they gave me a discount. The Luna plush was actually a late birthday gift from my friend Artie

Now I'm just recovering since I got since and then I'm getting started on the commissions people paid me for. I'm going to try to reapply for the Artist Alley and hope I get in a 3rd year as well.