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Tonight’s topic: Getting Rekted!

This past weekend I spent the majority of the weekend watching Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch. A Magic the Gathering: Modern format tournament, where the pros, break the format as much as possible with the latest set release. OH BOY! Did they ever break it. In the top 8 of the tournament there was 6 decks with the same archetype shell (Eldrazi) and 2 other similar constructed decks (Affinity). There was only 2 times before this pro tour where a single deck dominated a tournament so handily. Elves in 2008 and Flash Hulk decks in 2004. The team that brought the one of the Eldrazi decks, put 10 players into the top 32, and 3 into top 8.

Smashing your reality!

There are many times where I’ve watched something new utterly wreck a well balanced game. Sunbreaker Titans ripping up Destiny PvP in early Taken King, or Blade Dancers in early Destiny. Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman during the EVO 2013 tournament.


Have there been sometimes where something new just tore everything up in a game you played? Were you one who joined the bandwagon and ride the unbalanced train to success?

Don’t want to talk about getting rekted? Then talk amongst yourselves, the Graveyard Shift is open!

Soundtracks of the night: Get rekted songs!

Facefisted - Dethklok

Walk - Pantera

Laser Cannon Deth Sentence - Dethklok