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Tonight's shift...Time Enough at Last

Oh, hey there TAY! How is everyone tonight? Just filling in for our good friend Nach.


So just finished the Last of Us last week, and one of the particular items that you could collect that stuck out where the comics. Through out the game these are collected for Ellie. So with the world in anarchy and with those killer mushroom people, there was still time for some leisure. Or at least in some bits, aside from what we see.

So if the world went to hell due to.... hmmmm lets say that starfish disease does us in, what's one particular activity or items would you miss doing?

It would be books(stories), and doodling for me. Since for the most part I would have all the time enough at last to get some reading done, and a few stick figure between the pages =p... That is if the killer starfish people don't get me >_>; But ither way feel free to talk about anything really, so share some game achievements of the day or maybe how your day was, it all good =) Sooooo.... TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Also, managed to get a copy of cards against humanity...

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