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So, now that I'm working my way out of my slump, I've been spending a little bit more time playing with some fellow TAYers, whenever I have the opportunity. And it's definitely great fun ^^ In fact, as much as I love GTA:O, and can kill countless hours effortlessly on there, I gotta say that last Saturday (Hint: Game Night) was probably the most fun I've had with the game ever since launch day. For a good while, my sides just hurt nonstop. We spent a good time racing, doing missions, and even went skydiving together! See? I got pics to prove it! . . . Ish~


And I was thinking . . . You guys ever realize how much a game changes when playing with other people? Part of the reason I love GTA so much, is because I totally have a blast pretending I'm some professional transporter/hitman just going around taking on clandestine missions, and doing everything methodically. But as soon as I have friends on the same lobby, that all goes out the window, and it's C4 being tossed carelessly at choppers, lighting boats on fire, and blowing up enemy cars within blast distance of yourself, because you're going too fast and too stupid to care. Now, I don't mind that at all. It's great, stupid, raw fun. But there's definitely people who are more strict and "efficient" about things . . . *COUGH COUGH SNAK COUGH Y U NO JOIN US COUGH COUGH* . . So yea ^^ Ever think there's games that are more fun with other people, whereas some are definitely meant to be enjoyed by your own rules?