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Hi Sleepy TAYheads! Or are you all just wide awake? Perhaps you need me to read you a bed time story? Well too bad! My throat is feeling a little bit sore and I am coughing ever so slightly, so you'll have to read all on your own tonight.

That's what happened to Swan's son L. last night. I read him a short story about counting sheep as my throat would not allow me to do more than that. It was not the best tale and we both wondered why it felt so unfinished. It came from this usually wonderful book called The Book of Goodnight Stories. The cool thing about this book is that there's a story or a continuation of a story for every day of the year, and it's probably one of the most fantastic things we own that reminds us very much of our happy childhood.

All sorts of nightmarish stories reside in that book: tales of Baba Yaga's Hut; One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes... but I'm not so sure about The Snow Queen... Hrrmm. I had that terror of a story as one of those hardcover storybooks with accompanying audio book on a nifty cassette tape (huh? What's a cassette?). I always wanted to go to Lapland and eat dried fish after reading that one, and I appreciated Vivaldi's Four Seasons after that. But most of all, I hated me some Snow Queens. Anyway, our original copy of the Book of Goodnight Stories got left behind when we moved from Trinidad. I found it on Amazon a few years ago and bought two copies for The Swan.

After I sent L to bed with that perplexing story of sheep to be counted (but they never will be), we all awoke this morning to find that it was snowing out. The leaves are still falling off the trees, and there's still some brilliant colour left on some of them but seeing the snow on the ground was pretty sweet. (In the above picture you cannot tell it was snowing, but it was. Honest!)

I took this picture on Sunday. No snow. No sign of Operation Impending Doom 2.

Some of you may have already had the pleasure/displeasure of snow. Some of you may never get any or experience any of the seasons changing business but for me, I was quite pleased. It reminds me that I've got lots of friends visiting soon for the Thanksgiving Holiday... and we'll share in some fantastic memories staying up way too late (playing Blokus or Rock Band) and fighting over stuffing on the day itself. We do every year and it's great.


And so for this TAYveyard Shift, feel free to share your thoughts on any of the following topics:

1. Any bizarre fairy tales you just adore or love to hate?

2. Any games that ended abruptly and you felt that it just wrapped up way too quickly? (I feel like Aikage or someone may have asked this already so forgiveness). For me Enslaved kinda felt like it just ended without warning. BOOM. Done.


3. Do you freaking hate the snow or lack thereof? Speaking of snowy things >.> ...what about that Bifröst ! Why haven't we properly discussed Thor: The Dark World yet?! ... swoon... Tom ...swoon..! If you're going to talk about Thor though, be mindful of spoilers and use your Spoiler Tags!

Or you can ignore all of those things and just talk about whatever the heck you want. It's completely up to you! It's the Graveyard Shift after all. So Talk Amongst Yourselves!

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night shady dealings, inability to study, your tardiness for work and/or school tomorrow or your fooly cooly-ing. Yeah. Definitely not that last one...