We...are The Pondlings.

Hello and welcome back to the third special article by TAY's secret group, The Pondlings. Just who are we? I think it's time I told you the truth...As you know The Pondlings exist to make people happy! Well that was a lie. We exist for one reason...

To make the people of TAY unhappy and DESTROY TAY!

Because making people unhappy is a reward in itself. (Plus we get shiny star stickers for being bad noodles!)


MWUHAHAHAHA! Since two TAY admins are away this week it made sense for The Pondlings to make their move against the TAY GODS! So without further ado let us begin...


The SunTAY© Morning Pondling Debate (Issue 03) DOOMTAY EDITION.

Our topic today: What do YOU think about Digital Games VS Physical Games? In other words, one is a physical box which you can hold in your hands and the other floats in space on your HDD.

With the advancement in technology we can now download our games via the magic force known as the internet. We are no longer forced to buy new games in stores and carry their heavy cases home. Now we can just jump on our sofas, load up our PS3's or our Xboxes and choose from a massive list which games we want to download and play. But is there a flaw with this new method of buying games? I have my own thoughts on the matter but I ask my fellow Pondlings (and non-pondlings).

What do you think about digital vs physical. Tell us what you prefer! Why is digital bad!? Surely it's convenient!?


Koi: Interesting topic. Can't say I've really thought about it to be honest. Although saying that, I have bought a lot more digital games lately for convenience sake. I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is how it's great that I can just stick on my console and download a new title without the worry of driving to a store and hoping they have a copy. Alright so I could always order it online on Amazon or Play.com but they've become slow lately and why should I suffer when I can just download games in the safety of my home?


Well I suppose there's one huge flaw. It's not real. I can't hold it so do I really own it? What happens in 10 years time? Will Sony or Microsoft keep them online so I can redownload them one day?

So really, the tradeoff is speed and convenience. Since nothing lasts forever I must be mad to spend 40 Uk pounds on a digital game I could lose one day. What about trading it in later to save money on the next game?

What about those poor trees that are destroyed to make the manuals!

Speaking of manuals. Dont you just love them? Who here reads them while the game is installing? The perfect time to make a cup of tea and read up on the backstory and controls.

Back on topic, what about game stores? If we all move to digital, will we need them anymore? People will lose their jobs right? Maybe...maybe not. We adapt and I'm sure future digital stores will expand and require employees to manage them.

But hey, I've been talking about consoles but what about PC games? I can't remember the last time I bought a physical PC game...oh no wait, Mass Effect 2? That takes me back. So where am I getting my games? Steam of course. A fantastic platform which allows me to store all my games in a convenient list. Why do I feel more relaxed about buying games there? I suppose it's because consoles are constantly being updated and replaced with new generations whereas Steam remains the same no matter how many times you change your PC.

So there you have it, my thoughts on this topic. Despite the flaws in using the digital method I don't mind it. I suppose it's the future we will have to accept one day anyway.


Crane: Hmm, to be honest, I've not really thought about this much before. Having a physical copy of a game in your hands is a really nice feeling, it’s solid and there, and won’t ever be lost without you having something to do with it! You get a nice pretty case to look at, and hopefully a game manual to browse through… it’s nice and you feel like you've actually gotten something for your money. Whereas with digital, you have the game but nothing else. If your computer or console breaks down you have nothing, you can’t do anything with your digital purchases.


However the speed and convenience of buying a digital game is so much more than a physical game could be; you don’t have to go outside, or even get up. One click and the game is yours. However the one inconvenience of digital games is the fact that you have to download them. Now I don’t know about you guys but it seems to take forever for me to download games! So I don’t know, maybe the speed is comparable to going out and buying it, for me at least.

Now while I said it was lovely to get cases and things with physical games one downside to this is the space it takes up! Even my modest collection takes up a lot of my spare space, just boxes of boxes! Digital games on the other hand are just files on a computer, much tidier! Though you could argue that they take up a lot of space on my hard drive, which can be an issue, though nowadays, with larger and larger HD’s and the ability to just install/remove games easily it’s not too bad (though it is annoying to have to wait ages to re-download/re-install a game if you do have to remove it for space :/).

So, there are lots of pros and cons to both methods of obtaining games! Personally, I have been purchasing digital games on the PC (thanks to the ease of Steam) and physical games on my other consoles. However I don’t mind either format, so my main factor is price. I am a bit of a cheapskate! If the game is cheaper digitally (which is often is on PC, what with the Steam sales and things) then I buy digitally. If not then I will get a physical copy. I think that all games should be cheaper as digital copies than physical copies, with the removal of packaging, shipping, shop charges and all that, but sadly that is not the case. More often than not I can find a deal on a physical copy of a game and so I end up buying that.

If the world really wants to start moving towards digital only, they should make the prices lower than physical copies. But that’s just my cheapskate opinion ;) What is yours?


Ottsel: Look for someone who doesn't have the option to go to the store all the time I have to choose digital, as much as I love having my games boxes and actually OWNING them, plus there are a lot of benefits of having them digitally. I travel a lot, not having a set home I tend to spend a lot of time between cities, it's a hassle having to carry a lot of games with me all the time, plus with the luggage limitations paying $30 to $50 per piece is not an option for me! Plus...I tend to lose stuff easily!

Another advantage of digital distribution is the sales that occur almost monthly all the time these humble bundles are popping up, or what about all the benefits of being a PSN+ member, Steam Summer Sale, etc? Never a store will sell you a game for 20% the original price, at least not the ones I have available in my area... (hint: Gamestop) and that's when I'm in the US, otherwise you don't want to know the prices of the games over here, that's why piracy is such a solution in underdeveloped countries!

In conclusion, if I can find good deals on the games I care about (favorite franchises) I will buy them physical, otherwise I will always go for digital... as much as I don't really own the game, I save a lot of money and space =/


Thank you for reading and to the non-pondlings, we welcome your discussion. Or do we? ^_^


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