Will finally got me the next part of his story! It is quite short actually, so you will have to wait another indeterminate amount of time for part 3, but hey WE GOT PART 2!


I had to call and harass Will yesterday for about 45 minutes on my way home from work, but he actually picked up the phone and talked to me. When we weren’t complaining about the Bruins I actually got him to agree to write more of the story.

Unfortunately Phil got Will to go out to dinner with him around 7 last night, and that is where this story picks up.

First of all, yes that is Will’s phone number blacked out. Second, yes I almost forgot to black it out. Third, yes he is not in my phone as Will because I know his number by heart and like to type it out manually.


But as you can clearly see before our talk devolved into Bruins again this morning, he was held up last night. It is ok. He still gave us a whole 20 minutes of writing.

So without further adieu.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

If you missed a week, I’ve got you covered.