A week or so ago, I showed you all my video game t-shirt collection. The natural next step would be to show my poster collection! That’s why I made this article. The end.

This came from Club Nintendo, back when they were still kicking. It still makes me sad to think that Club Nintendo is gone, and My Nintendo absolutely sucks. Also, it’s the first Zelda poster of many.

I get most of my newer posters from Nintendo Force (NF) Magazine. They’re not only a fantastic magazine that carries on the legacy of Nintendo Power, but they also provide a double-sided poster with every issue! Yeah, you can see where they fold, but it doesn’t really bother me the way some people are bothered by it. For those who are curious, the picture on the left is roughly what the back is. It was a hard choice, but this poster is so beautiful. If you remember, this image leaked before Breath of the Wild even had it’s title (It was just Zelda U/ NX at the time). I remember staring at it for hours and watching all of GameXplain’s videos about it in anticipation of the next day’s E3 announcement. Zelda poster #2.

This is my only non-Nintendo video game poster. It came with the guide for Final Fantasy XV, a game that I absolutely adore despite all of its problems. I’d buy the DLC for it right now if I wasn’t saving up for Splatoon 2 and the Smash amiibo that come out on the same day...

This came with the special edition of Breath of the Wild. I love how it’s all faded, and the poster even has that old-paper texture to it! I’d been waiting for this game since I was 13 years old when it was announced, but I had to put the poster up even before I started up the game. It’s also double-sided, and also looks roughly like what you see on the left. It was a hard decision as to what to display, but I’ve always had an affinity for maps, so I had to go with this one. Zelda poster #3.

I think I got this off Amazon. In hindsight, Twilight Princess is an average Zelda game (granted, Zelda games hold a very high standard), but I was coming off of the high after beating it for the first time, and I wanted a poster to make my love for the game manifest. Zelda poster #4

You might think you’re a big Zelda fan, but do you have a poster of the game’s DLC? I didn’t think so. (Or maybe you do. Kudos to you it so!) This is another poster from NF Magazine, and it’s the most recent poster I’ve acquired. That lynel just looks so bad-ass! The back of the poster is for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Like the rest of the internet, I’m shocked that I’m actually excited for this game, but that versus Zelda? Not a chance. Zelda poster #5.

The second of the three posters of A Link Between Worlds that I got from Club Nintendo. Out of all three of them, I’d say that while the previous one is more about Zelda in general with a slight nod to ALBW, this poster is my favorite in terms of showing the game’s colorful world and characters. Zelda poster #6.

This is definitely my nicest poster in terms of quality. It’s made out of this very nice material, and it’s presented kind of like an unrolled scroll, if that makes any sense. At any rate, it’s very nice, and it’s a high quality poster of Ocarina of Time Link being his usual awesome self. I got it from an awesome video game store in Omaha, which I visit every time I visit there. They’re right across from another equally-awesome video game store, so they always keep their prices low due to competition. Zelda poster #7.

The final poster of the Club Nintendo A Link Between Worlds trilogy. This one’s pretty simple, just having a bunch of paintings of different characters. I still like Yuga’s minimalist style, though. Zelda poster #8.

For a long time, Skyward Sword was my favorite game of all time, but first Zelda games end up having that effect. Nevertheless, I still hold Skyward Sword in high regard, and am happy to have this poster to prove it. It came with the Prima guide for it that I got from who is now my dad’s fiancé. It wasn’t a very good guide, and I had the hard-cover version before, but it’s a good poster all the same. Zelda poster #9.

Yet another game from NF Magazine! I loved the original Splatoon and the Testfire for Splatoon 2 makes it seem like that won’t be changing soon. I am super excited for the first Splatfest, and I hope to see all of you join me in claiming victory for the obvious choice, ice cream! The other side was Yooka-Laylee, which I probably won’t ever play. I’ve never played Banjo-Kazooie, so I’d obviously play the two games in that series before playing any others. And I’ve also never played an indie game, so I’d much rather play Shovel Knight or Undertale than Yooka-Laylee. Oh well.

And lookie, it’s yet another NF Magazine poster! This one is of Fire Emblem Fates. I’ll be the first to admit that the trilogy has all sorts of problems, but at the end of the day, I still mildly enjoy it, and this is also just a really cool piece of art. This might be a shock, but I actually didn’t choose the Zelda side of the poster! (gasp!) As you can tell, I have quite enough Zelda posters, and had no Fire Emblem posters other than this. It was also for Hyrule Warriors Legends, a game that I had and have no interest in, since it seems to be a de-make of the original Hyrule Warriors.

Yes, yet another poster from NF Magazine, Xenoblade Chronicles X is my favorite Wii U exclusive. It’s also the game I put the most time into ever, with 230 hours to 100% complete the game’s map. After all that, I felt like I had to put a poster on my wall to commemorate my massive feat. The other poster is of Star Fox Zero, a game that I don’t think I’ll ever play just because of how negative the game’s reception was. I’ve never played a Star Fox game, so I’d much rather play the original, 64, or the upcoming Star Fox 2 instead.

This was a bit of an impulse buy at some random store. I was going through the posters, saw one of all the Zeldas, and bought it. Zelda poster #10.

From you-know-what magazine. I always had fun with Mario Kart ever since DS, but I never really got into it until Mario Kart 8. The deluxe version was exciting because I would be able to take it anywhere with me so I could play it at school, which was enough of an incentive to pay $48 for it, and for me to put up a poster of it. (Amazon Prime gives 20% off on all pre-orders and games that are less than two weeks old. It’s awesome.) On the other side was ARMS. I was excited for ARMS as well, so it was definitely a difficult choice, but I finally decided that I just liked the look of the Mario Kart poster better, so I went with that. Also, there’s Link on it, so technically... Zelda poster #11.

This is a bit of a vintage poster here. It’s from the BradyGames guide for Majora’s Mask, which is not very helpful, but at least has a cool poster. It’s from the same person who gave me the Skyward Sword poster. Zelda poster #12.

This is the final poster from NF Magazine. I’ve only actually beaten the games from the fourth and seventh generations of Pokemon, but I really enjoy those two generations, so I decided to put the Pokemon Sun and Moon map poster up, because I like maps. On the other side was a Pokemon type strength and weakness chart which aimed to be helpful, but I could look it up anywhere and only have access to the chart when I’m in my room, and Pokemon has always been a portable main series. Also, it’s a bit of an eyesore, so the map was the obvious choice.

This is my final poster. I got this from The Symphony of the Goddesses, which was the best concert I’ve been to in my life, even better than the Tony Bennet concert I went to, in my opinion! Here’s a fun little anecdote: I won $500 as a scholarship for playing the piano well, but I could only put it towards anything related to music. Tickets to The Symphony of the Goddesses counted as that, so that’s how I got to go! I also love Majora’s Mask 3D even more than the original, so I had to get it.

Bonus: Non-game posters

Here are all of the posters that I own that aren’t directly related to video games:

A gift from my girlfriend. My second-favorite cartoon to Steven Universe.

It goes over my door so it’s like I’m inside the TARDIS! A gift from Grandma.

All of the current Doctors from Doctor Who at the time, but without Capaldi and soon whoever 13 is come Christmas. A gift from family, but I can’t remember who.

Every production I’ve acted in, from Irish cop #1 to the murderer! I’ve also got my special edition Breath of the Wild box and some plushes from my childhood that I can’t stand to give away because of nostalgia.

Below this line is for any updates whenever I get any new posters. The original article was written on 7/8/17.


Getting a picture with no reflection was super hard, but I found a way.

Here’s my first update! I got this matted art card from the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X. As I’ve said before, I absolutely adore that game and I really wanted to display the beautiful art card properly, so I found a frame that had the right dimensions for the card to fit in, and it looks pretty classy, if I don’t say so myself.