This Fathers Day, I'm reminded of my best friend.....

Fathers, they occupy a special and unique place in our lives. They teach us about how to be tough, pass gas at awkward moments and never seem to run out of lame jokes once you reach your teenage years. If you've seen me post on the Kotak or the Gawk before, you may have seen some of the comments I've posted about my dad. Some have scoffed at the things I've said. "Bah, no man can be that great! You are simply silly Cill!!"

But he is. In each and every way, my dad is the best parent across all of Kotaku.

When I was feeling down due to growing up as an outsider in my town, it was my dad who scoured the internet for hours in order to find a good line to cheer me up. After a long time spent searching, he told a tear stained and sad faced CillyB that I "would give the people in my life an ideal to aspire to and I would embody their highest aspirations." When I called him on that being from All Star Superman, he said "yeah, but you were feeling like shit son, and I hate to see you sad. It pains me deeply."


In my later years when I began to get into video games, it was my dad who encouraged the habit. I can recall many a night when he would get home from work and would bring home a new game for each of us to play at three in the morning. How did I get into Civilization? My dad brought home two copies at 4 in the morning, one for him and one for me. We played for several hours. It was totally amazing.

As a man who struggles with self-doubt, my dad is often the guiding light in my life. When I was questioning what I wanted to do with my life, it was my father who encouraged me to stick with my dream of being a journalist. He encouraged me to go forth and "ruin the scumbags in the world". I am pleased to say I'm within reach of that job. When it makes me rich, I am going to buy the man a boat or a purple house.

Now, I'm sure you're asking, "What's the most amazing thing about Cill's dad?" The answer is, he does all these great things while working at a job that's beneath him. For years now, my father has been stuck in a field of employment that he does not enjoy. Day after day I am continually amazed that the man can still operate at 1100% percent even after putting in a 9 or 15 hour day at such a horrible job. He needs to quit badly.

In summation, I just want to say to everyone on here, go do something nice for your dad on this day. Like mine, they likely deserve it. My father has done a lot of nice things for me through the years, but the greatest gift he has ever given me was his faith. Faith in my ability to do extraordinary things, faith in my talent, and faith in my ability to do the right thing, my dad is like a cross between Batman and Hank Schrader. I love the guy.