Will you be the hunter? Or the hunted?

This game from the original creators of Left 4 Dead have got me excited. I remember when I saw Left 4 Dead's trailer a long time ago and for some reason I didn't get too excited. Even though I love zombies, that game just didn't get me excited until the day it was released and I picked it up. After that I spent hours upon hours in Left 4 Dead and now have some really fond memories of playing it with friends.


That is why this game is double exciting. It goes away from the zombie theme that many games are trying to make theirs and it makes something entirely new and interesting. The tank battles in Left 4 Dead were always intense, as soon as that music came on most people would panic unless they were with a team that knew how to coordinate well.

Well, this game builds upon that concept of the tank battles. This time the battle will be taking place the entire match, and the longer you wait to engage the monstrosity, the harder it will be trying to defeat it. How the game will work is there will be four different survivors, assault class, trapper class, support class, and medic class. There will be different characters for each class, and much more variety of weapons when you compare it to Left 4 Dead. Anyways, these four survivors will be hunting a monster that is threatening a nearby space colony. So four players versus one? That sounds unfair Spiegel! Well, actually it is not.

Playing the monster sounds like being a mobile wrecking ball.(At least the Goliath does) The monster will have three different levels; obviously level one will be the weakest and three will be the strongest. The goal for the monster is to get strong enough to be able to kill the hunters. You will do this by consuming different npc animals throughout the level you are on. Basically if the hunters do not find the monster quickly, they are going mostly likely be in for a "Oh s$%#!" moment.

The game looks to be very balanced as well, while the monster will definitely be powerful during its level three phase, the hunters if coordinated enough, will be still a formidable foe for the monster. Also there won't just be one monster that you can play, there will be many monsters to fit a player's style of play. You want to sneak around? Your covered. You want to bowl through everyone? Your covered. You want a good mix of range and brute force? Your most likely covered.


Now, the cool thing about the hunters is that while each certainly has its ability that it must use to help the team. No matter what you play you will be able to dish out damage and disrupt the monster, but you will still prefer the assault over the medic if you are a balls out attack kind of player.

Finally, the game will be played from the first person perspective when you play the hunters, and third person when you are the monster. Turtle Rock says that the reason they made the monster third person was to let you see your environment more clearly, as well as it is just nice to see the animations of your monster as he interacts with the environment.

This is from GameInformer, and it shares their thoughts on the game, as well as it shows a bit of the gameplay. Check it out!

The game is scheduled for a release in Fall 2014 and I really can't wait. I'm just wondering what system to get it for though. I want to be able to play with anyone here on TAY that picks it up, but I want to get it for my PS4. And I'm not sure that is what the majority of people on TAY will do. So my questions are, 1) Are you interested in buying this game? 2)If so, what system or platform do you think you will get it for?