It finally came in! I kickstarted the TruForce MMX collectible figures and got all three variants. These are easily the nicest figures I’ve ever bought. Anyway, without further ado, here we go!

So, right off the bat, these boxes are GORGEOUS. I mean, look at the front of these!!

The backs are pulling out all the stops, too! They give a lot of cool pose ideas and really give you a feel for how the figures move and look.

The front cover opens up and gives a little blurb about Mega Man X and shows all the parts in a clear plastic window so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Here’s a look at the inside cover.

The full contents of the package!

Cool mini instruction manual shows you how most of the parts work (although it didn’t tell you how to open the boosters on the backs of the legs). Also, batteries ARE included for the buster!!!

All the parts still pristine in their wrapping! Almost time to bust this bad boy open!

Here’s the stand that comes with the figure. It’s REALLY nice and sturdy. Took me a couple tries to figure out how it worked, but after I actually looked at the picture, it all made sense. Anyway, time for the main attraction!!

Here is the figure in all it’s glory! And it’s hard to tell from the pictures, but all the dark blue parts are actually metal. The other figures felt really cold by the time I got around to handling them.

Close-up face.

Close-up upper back (keep an eye out for those gray rectangles on his back in later pictures...)

Dat Ass.

Even the feet have a stunning amount of detail.

Fully charged blaster shot with light on. Notice that the backs of his feet are up.

Thrusters and vents for a dashing charged blast!

Feet thrusters.

Back thrusters.


Here’s the inside of the box for the variant colored X.


Normal, light-up blaster shot. The base color of the blast is blue, so with the red light, it has a bit of a purpleish tint.



Jumping pew!

Dynamic, close-up jumping pew!

Here’s the inside of the X-Kai variant armor that was sold at NYCC and later opened up to backers. I love that the color scheme matches Bass from the original Mega Man series.

Pretty figure!

He’s itching for a fight. My only gripe with this is that the head jewel is red instead of purple. Still, this is easily my favorite of the three. That color scheme is so bad-ass, and it really feels amazing to hold.

It even has Bass’ eye paint!

I would not want to get into a fist fight with that.

Even the blast attachments are purple!



Light-up without as much carpet getting in the way.

When yo squad looking fresh AF.

I had to. :3

Now I’m just dicking around with camera effects.

This one probably would have been cooler if I hadn’t included the X-variant, but hey, I do what I want.

See? I told you they had the same color scheme.

And that’s it. They’re now sitting on my window sill because I literally have nowhere better to put them. I might invest in another book shelf or a better display case next year and then they can be put on display in the way they really deserve. I also kept all of the versions of X in the final poses you saw in all the pictures above. These were definitely worth the wait. I’m super glad that I kickstarted this project, because god damn are these figures absolutely amazing.