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Is it my turn to host this thing again? UGH! Alright I guess it's time to talk about football... Yay!!! Did you see that ludicrous display last night? What was Felipao thinking by sending Fred against the Germans?!




No? Alright then let's talk about games, but first let's look at our Tuesday round up:

I've been having a blast playing the latest Pikmin game, collecting fruits and slaying "giant" insects has never looked better and felt so great. Plus, those fruit logs by the Koppaites are hilarious.

This fruit's flesh is soft and pale yellow. It's juicy and has a sweet-sour flavor. I must also note that it's shaped almost exactly like a babies bottom. What the scientific merit of the observation is I have no idea.

- Brittany's entry when discovering a Plum (For some strange reason, Brittany's Sass reminds me of Neryl...)

But, if there's one thing I detest, is hearing when a tiny little Pikmin is in trouble and I can't do anything to break it away from its unavoidable death. I swear I've hit the restart button more than 20 times in my short playthrough. It is as frustrating as losing one of your characters in Fire Emblem... :(

So... my question is... Are there any other moments in games where you wish you could do something about the events unfolding but for some reason you simply can't?

Bonus Question: Is there a character in a game/tv show/anime/book that reminds you of a fellow TAYer?

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