...but not in this case.

Hello and welcome to another edition of Unboxing TAY! In this series I take a look at special/collectors/limited editions of various media and other things, namely things that have come out recently. I'll show off the goods and talk a little bit about each item and possibly the function(s) of said objects if there is more than what is visible. With that out of the way, let's get to today's topic which as hinted by the header image and title, is....

Mmm. So As you can see here, the box containing all the goods has a somewhat minimal approach to the aesthetic design. A mere white box with a black hand print with a silhouette of the Space Needle. As well as the required ESRB rating, the name of the game and company and of course the bar signifying what console the game belongs to. The sides and top follow that route, just having the PS4 bar, and the game logo.


The back of course is usual fare for CE/LE's in that along with the usual player/required space, etc data, shows off the contents contained within. An image of which I shall spare you of as I will show you everything anyway. So moving right along and opening up the box we see....

Another box!

This time, being the actual box and not the retail packaging such editions usually come in/ sometimes is the actual packaging. As you can see this one takes the minimalist design a step further, having the game logo just appear on the sides of the box while the hand print takes center stage. Simple, but effective. Reminds me of the CE for FFXIII-2. Opening up this box, the first thing we are greeted with is the game case which shares the minimalist design found upon this box.

The back of the case is just plain white, and as I understand it, this cover is exclusive to the CE itself, whereas if you pre-ordered the regular game and got upgraded to the limited edition, you got the regular game cover in a foil version. Opening up the case here we are treated with a few inserts as well as a reversible cover which has the normal game cover on it, albeit slightly different.

Not much to speak of else wise on the reversible cover, so lets get to the inserts.


The one on the left talks about linking your game in order to gain access to some extra missions that tell a separate side story about the D.U.P. The one on the right is the CE dlc which contains: A legendary vest, Cole's jacket, and the Cole's legacy dlc which kinda tells the story about the events in between the end of Infamous 2 and the start of Second Son. (If you happened to pre-order at a game stop, you got a code on your receipt for 4 more jackets designed by various companies such as Penny-Arcade and I am 8-bit.)

Moving along, included in the CE are these 3 decals, of which I am unsure of what each is (having not played the game) Based upon an item I will show off next, I believe the 2 yellow ones have to do with the DUP, the bird one being their logo and the other a rank of some sort. Also since the sunlight kinda drowned out the black one, here is a better shot:

We also have a DUP badge that can be sewn on to clothing:

Last up we have a few things that cosplayers, and those who enjoy replicas will of course, enjoy.

First up we have a set of pins like the ones Delsin wears on his jacket:

and lastly a replica of Delsin's beanie of which the sun kinda washed out the photo again. In case it doesn't look like it, the color is actually a bit of a wine red.

I will say that while thin, it is quite comfortable and I will most definitely add this to my usual rotation of headgear.

With that, this concludes the Unboxing of the Infamous: Second Son CE and Stay tuned for more Unboxing TAY, Check out previous Unboxing TAY (as well as a dualshock 4 review by Nach ( I think it picked up the word unboxing in his article)) or find me on the direcTAYry and say hi.

Till next time!