Hello and welcome to another edition of Unboxing TAY! In this series I take a look at special/collectors/limited editions of various media and other things, namely things that have come out recently. I'll show off the goods and talk a little bit about each item and possibly the function(s) of said objects if there is more than what is visible. With that out of the way, let's get to today's topic which as hinted by the header image and title, is.... We'll get to that in a sec, being as how I was going to put this and the following article out months ago and didn't get the chance to write em up/post em. I'm combining these two to save some time. So with that out of the way lets get to part one of this shindig.

.... FFX/FFX-2 HD

The one, the only a.k.a everyone's favorite blitzball simulator!

Starting things off we have the simple and clean slipcover which has the bare minimum of sensory input to keep your optic orbs from imploding with excitement. Removing that we get:

The front cover of the artbook, featuring the logo for FFX sans the text, which of course means the back cover has:

FFX-2 on the back, again no text on either side of the cover for a clean design aesthetic.

Inside the front cover, lie these big ole picture prints. They are quite nice, although I wish they included the summoner Yuna pic with the orange sky from when she's on Kilika. I used to have that one and that Tidus pic that I ripped out of a magazine up on my wall in my old room, and I'd of loved to have nicer versions up on my room now. T__T Anyway moving right along to the next item in this set:

We have the Tracklist insert for the visual soundtrack, and instructions on how to copy the music should you have a BD drive on your comp (or apparently as the instructions state, you can somehow rip the disc via wifi, not sure how that works exactly as I have yet to try.) The reason it says operating instructions is because this is technically a Japanese OST, but the menu has English anyway so it's not a big deal to navigate.

Here we of course have table of contents for the art book, which features art such as:

and of course lastly the game and BD ost, in the back of the book:

I know some people don't like this sort of thing because it won't fit on the shelf with their games (the art book is regular sized), in my case, I chose to stick this on the shelf with my artbooks and strategy guides. This one was definitely worth the money, more so if FFX.FFX-2 or both are some of your favorite games. Unfortunately, the only way to get this, outside of buying it off someone for who knows what price, is to buy from Squenix, whose store of course is run by Digital River, a name which sours many a gamer's plans for purchase due to their general history of things. (see the Ni No Kuni debacle)

Next up in this edition is a game I coulda probably skipped over purchasing, only for the fact that I have yet to even finish the second one. I'll say now that compared to the above CE, it's probably not as good (mostly because FFX is one of my faves but that's neither here nor there) anyways next up is:

Lightning Returns, because saying 13-3 sounds ridiculous. So here like the FFHD, is a clean slip cover, that merely says Collector's edition along with the logo.

Taking that off, we get the box lid plastered with Lightning's visage. Onto the contents!

We have the artbook of which, I didn't take pics of the inside. (didn't want to spoil things for myself) If you take the slipcover off, it's the same pic, just monochrome.

The game of course nothing special there, although it has a voucher inside for the Aeris/Aerith dlc

Lastly we get this small box with the logo on it which contains:

A pocket watch with the logo on it, which looks like this when open:

Keeping time (or losing it) in style.

Thats it for that CE, like I said, not as good in my opinion as the FFXHD CE, although the watch is an interesting choice. Kinda sad they didn't include an OST, like they did with FF13-2.

So, final words FFXHDCE :yay, FF13-3CE: nay