I recently discovered I have a problem; if given the tools to do so, I'll quickly find myself spending more time snapping pictures than actually playing the games.

The PS4's share button makes this trap all too easy to fall into, but it didn't begin there for me. Th problem began for me back when I first acquired Dragon's Dogma, which came with the rare ability to snap photos and share them elsewhere.

Afterwards, I moved on to Lightning Returns, which also came with its own in game photo mode.

Once I got my PS4 though, my new habit moved to the next level. There was lots and lots of climbing...

...followed by some light fishing.

My time spent raiding tombs didn't go much better.

Nor did my time as everybody's favorite web-slinger.

My recent obsession is Final Fantasy XIV, which is just a photo addict's dream game.

I'm pretty excited to see what kinds of pictures I can snap when the PS4 release of Journey happens, and of course, Dragon Age: Inquistion.


So, anybody else with this issue? Have a folder of game pics you've been waiting for a reason to use? Show us your favorites in the comments!