We Played Borderlands 2! For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Last night, Dyram, Morie, Sloshy, and I played Borderlands 2 from the start of the game for the lulz.

Actually, I was feeling down and really wanted to play something with friends so this was a perfect opportunity to give my heart a time of piece from The Last of Us until I proceed to the final chapter of the game.

That game people…it’s just… Anyway!


We spent a good two hours just mowing down anything in our path, discovering Vault symbols, looting guns, dying, and laughing from pure ludicrousness. So without further ado, please enjoy our sultry voices and try to contain your orgasms.


After you changed your undergarments, let us know what you think about our stream, us, the game, and anything your heart desires to share with us!

Dyram Edit -

Warning: Adult Language and Themes contained within. You've been warned.

Also, oh my god my voice is so nasally...I have a cold...that's it >_>