Welcome back to Progress Report. Your weekly place to fill everyone in on how much of a slacker you aren’t.

What is it? Progress Report is just a place to have a record of your progress. If you finish something in your list you can pick a toy out of the...


How do I get involved? Just leave a note in the comments: What your projects are, and what your progress is and you’ll be added to the list.


Why? Community building? Something to do? Hold each other accountable? Posterity? I don’t know. Seemed like something fun to try.


1. Aikage

  1. Finish Alice: Madness Returns
  2. Quiz Bowl - Organize and make it so
  3. Start getting above 90% on medium in Guitar hero drums
  4. Start Run Club: Off Season this week
  5. Contact First Time Homebuyer’s Club representative and start saving money for a house (180/month - they match x4$ up to 7250 dollars total over 10 months)


2. RerTV

  1. Finish Tales of Graces f on PS3
  2. Tales of the Abyss on 3DS
  3. Have 5 Games of League of Legends Recorded & Ready To Go
  4. Stream or Record my first experiences with Legend of Eisenwald, a review copy I was given.
  5. Soundproof apartment studio
  6. Get “le new internetz”


3. Quiddity

  1. Run ten miles this week Ever


4. Novibear

  1. Get drivers license
  2. Finish FF5 for futures run
  3. Finish a visual novel in Renpy
  4. Go on at least two dates or meet new people. DATEEESS!!!! - Aikage
  5. Finish a ton of games I started
  6. Bear


5. Barkspawn

  1. Publish something that requires substantial effort (?) once per week.
  2. Get non-gaming content published on other blogs


6. The Geek Empress

  1. Keep Collecting Retro Gaming as a weekly series
  2. Finish 2 prints, and 4 chibi standees by end of July so I can get them printed in time for my convention
  3. Finish Tales of Symphonia


7. Sub Judice

  1. Finish writing my last “A Lawyer Revisits” article
  2. Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles
  3. Write a “Cooking with TAY” article


8. AxelChildofDestiny

  1. Publish a new story about my friend Will on Tay once a week
  2. Finish The Witcher
  3. Get the five english voice actors from K-On! to sign Guita


9. DisturbedShadow

  1. Finish Dragon Age: Inquisition
  2. Finish the next Spacemon origin story
  3. Finish FFVII
  4. Finish Far Cry 3
  5. Finish ALBW
  6. Finish Unfinished Drafts of articles for TAY


10. Unimplied

  1. Put together some kind of writing thing
  2. Get more gif requests (Request Line)
  3. Finish an original drawing
  4. Do a collaborative review of Comics with Furby


11. EmeraldMara85

  1. Hari Raya Food Post
  2. Common Malaysian Food Post
  3. Go back to testing a game
  4. Ark: Survival Evolved...get me a Triceratops
  5. Finish The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  6. Terraria...Get me more Chlorophyte ores and Turtle Shells
  7. Renew my keyboard’s prettiness


12. Division-ten

  1. Finish Tales of Xillia comission (jacket)
  2. Finish black cat kigurumi comission
  3. Build Ratchet’s movie outfit
  4. Start working on Dr. Nefarious commission...Goddamn. :D
  5. Write post about pattern making while building Apollo Justice vest for RerTV as a sample


13. Armuun no Kuroneko

  1. Write, Cast, Film, Submit to Sundance, “The Merciful”
  2. Call dibs on TAY review of Fallout 4
  3. Quit Sugar


14. Thatsmapizza

  1. Finish Writing The Isolator Review
  2. Read More Lovecraft
  3. Get to work on my gaming backlog with Bayonetta 1 and 2
  4. Go on a nostalgia trip with Luminous Arc 2
  5. Write an original story fan fiction with the character from Overlord


15. MainProtagonist

  1. Write an Article
  2. Learn to Dunk a Basketball
  3. Improve Jump shot Accuracy
  4. Become an Environmental Biologist
  5. Deepen friendships I made at school
  6. Reach 1800 in Pokemon Showdown
  7. Gain Valuable Study Skills


16. sfrost

  1. Propose!
  2. Become a licensed social worker
  3. Finish Last two Moments of Triumph prior to Taken King Release
  4. Watch Season 2 of True Detective
  5. Ask for Groomsmen to be Groomsmen


17. E1Salvador

  1. Beat RE4
  2. Write article about RE4
  3. Do SUmmer PhoTAYgraphy Post
  4. Beat AC: Unity
  5. Prep for 5k on Oct 17th.
  6. Get Belay certification for rock climbing
  7. Get a part time job that isn’t selling drugs out of the back of van
  8. Date a person by the end of the year
  9. Write something for TAY that isn’t a blip by month’s end


16. Celia

  1. Draw a little everyday until August 24th
  2. Write a game review.
  3. Finish re-doing bedroom.
  4. Exercise at least 3 times a week.


17. ResidentHamburge

  1. Finish python projects
  2. Finish raspberry pi emulator box
  3. Complete The Witcher III
  4. Finish looking for a house and move
  5. Make my girlfriend watch Starship Troopers


18. Ishamael

  1. Write a list ha done!
  2. Finish up Bloodborne.
  3. Start/Finish “Naruto: The Filler Free Viewing Guide Part I”
  4. Finish new “Adaptation Decay” Article.
  5. Break my addiction to Etrian Oddyssey Untold 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.


19. I_Kluge

  1. Continue to routinely exercise
  2. Finish watching the Original Star Trek series
  3. Write something that has been in the back burner before the year ends.
  4. Get back to drawing
  5. Finish reading El Hobbit: Una aventura inesperada, and 12 Years a Slave
  6. Finish a campaign in Spartan on very hard
  7. Kill Superman
  8. Get into a healthy sleep schedule


20. ArdillaNegra

  1. Another HOTS game night
  2. Write about halt and catch fire
  3. Splatoon with No Way Jose
  4. Write an article about Gaymers


21. Ascendant Izanagi

  1. Study for exams.
  2. Prep for upcoming coverage of anime fest
  3. Finish watching the last episode of Death Parade. I just can’t :/
  4. Finish FFXIII-2. How long have I left it there :/
  5. Finish writing Diablo 3 article.
  6. Stop opening Hearthstone every few minutes only to see that I can’t open my packs yet
  7. Finish that Mekaku City drawing I haven’t finished yet.
  8. Finish reading Game of Thrones


22. Meathead373

  1. Finish Bloodbourne and Fairy Fencer F before MGSV comes out
  2. Get a car before August is over
  3. Get a learner’s permit


August 17th 2015 - Long time listener, first time caller

August 31st 2015 - Finished Bloodbourne, working on fairy fencer. Got a new car!