Welcome to TAYCribz, a place to show off all your various nerd sundries, be they game related, anime related, or just miscellaneous crap you have lying around. As your host it leaves it to me to show off a part of my nest. So... onwards!

These are just pictures of my bookshelves and display case. It's not quite all my crap, a lot of stuff is still at my parents and then there's things like my consoles, PC, and laptop which are out of shot (or in different rooms).

Missing from this shot is the seven 3.5 edition D&D books that currently sit in my friends flat where we play. Including my leatherbound PHB. In case anyone is wondering the chest is full of PS3 games.

I have entirely too much Scotch, although one can never have enough of a good thing. The shoes are La Sportiva Cliff 5 climbing shoes.

The red unpainted and disassembled model is a terminator from the Space Hulk board game (the anniversary edition) that I've prepared for painting, but haven't found the time to actually do it.

The small model here is a painted Ork Kommando. Without being humble it's quite well painted, but the picture doesn't really show it.

The ring and the belt buckle come from the Uncharted 3 Collectors edition. I'd worry about losing or damaging the buckle, so I've never actually worn it.

Tomorrow, if they arrive, this shelf will be graced with two more CLAMP omnibuses (Angelic Layer). So now I've shared, lets see what the rest of you have got!