So many people did there yearly Four in February but I am not good at counting so I made a different goal I wanted to finish as many games that I could in February and I had some in mind some of those course didn't make the cut or I was just not in the mood for them.

Here were the original Four in February contenders

  • Pokemon ORAS Nuzlocke run
  • Bravely Default
  • Conception 2
  • Transistor

I did not even touch the first two! I just was not feeling either of them with Pokemon ORAS being another remake I didn't really care for and the looping part of Bravely Default just please no or mgrmgrmgr. So I decided to work on other games of course.

I was feeling pretty good about spending time with virtual girls in Conception 2 so I mainly played that for most of the month making star children hanging out with the 7 girls of the game. My favorites were Torri (Black and white hair), Serena (light blue hair)... wait no actually i loved all the girls except CHLOE (Red hair). She had terrible stats and her battle outfit was so questionable in comparison to the other girls. But that a rant for another day.


Anyway I really like this game it was a dungeon crawler you got to talk to girls and make star children (heheheheh) and the main story was pretty meh in general but I liked the characters in the game. This is available on 3DS and PS Vita. The next game I beat was...

Transistor! Surely you have heard this game mentioned on TAY since it hit Free PS+ rotation this February. I loved so much about this game i am halfway through my second playhrough the music, the art, the story, the crazy combo mechanics of the combat! This was an amazing game from Super Giant Games and it made me want to play Bastion even more.


I was hooked shortly at the first boss encounter when the track In Circles plays and becomes another version of the song entirely as the battle progress. Also Similar to Bastion the Game star's Red a Female Protagonist so the Sword thing is the Narrator which makes since. That was my gripe about Bastion with the old man never shutting up I mean he wasn't there why is making comments on everything I did?! Well on to the ones that weren't apart of the original plan next was...

This is the safest image i could find to use for this game... Don't judge me... please no hate guys I played this game for the plot... seriously.

Okay so Senran Kagura BA is a rhythm game staring young ninja girls that git pitted into a non cannon cooking battle tournament for whatever reason because pervy old man Hanzo (A great legendary Shinobi) knows that in ninja fight clothes don't last long also he gets to eat food made by ladies. So its a base game starting at 19.99 USD right this unlocks the girls from the first season of the anime. You can also buy a pack that includes the new girls from the game that came out a bit later called Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus that is a beat em up and it looks like it will evolve into a game similar to the Musou/Warriors series. With that aside they did a neat thing with this games dlc.

So any costumes you bought on psn for Shinovi versus automitaclly unlock for free on Bon Appetit for free! Also there are two extra characters that if bought in Shinovi Versus They will be available in Bon Appetit sans one character who is only in the dlc that gives yo the other 2 schools. I just really found it enjoyable and have only beaten the base game... but before I move on have this screenshot... That's Hanzo below

Oh and maybe all of these...

... I played it for the plot I swear... imma just move on now.

I am pretty sure I hinted at this one very Strongly with My talk of Transistor... if you guys are even still reading... no it's fine I understand no one really likes to read long opinion pieces anymore because it's not cool anymore right? Well whatevs...


Ahem So Bastion is a pretty good game too very pretty again a great soundtrack fun combat depending on what weapon you used I mainly stuck with the Bow and Machete for the most point then went Spear and Mortar until the endgame had you changing equipment often. I enjoyed the arenas that gave you characters backstory between waves of enemies I enjoyed the weapon challenges too.

My only gripe was the damned narrator it was kind of funny at times but the rest of the game I was just hoping he'd stop talking. Next game is...

Well I sort of beat it... I didn't really though all I did was finally unlock all the characters. ROB was being a pain in the ass most of the time he'd wreck me as if he was set to the AI of the CRUEL bots in multi-man melee.


Sadly this is the least excited smash bros entry I have had since they cut story mode and most of my local friends and family to play with don't come around/don't own a Wii U/grew apart from video games made this one not as... fun for me personally.

Yeah this game with the exclusion of two of my favorites, RIP ICE CLIMBERS and STAR WOLF along with this Amiibo craze stuff I have to say I was not "REALLY FEELING IT" Well on more game and it's not a popular title... Behold the

This was the last game I started in February and dammit I almost quit it a few times. What we have here is a dungeon crawler similar to the Etrian Odyssey games. You play as that guy with the blue if you so choose because you can choose from a number of portraits but your character is always treated as a human male.


Anyway long story short you are a demon gazer some who can seal demons away and you have amnesia so the lady in the in orange let's you stay at the inn as long as you continue to seal demons and stuff or and pay your rent you better pay your damn rent.

So you can make your other party members in standard classes such as fighter, paladin, samurai, healer, wizard, archer and assassin. I went with a classic party as the Gazer I was accompanied by first a healer, then a paladin, followed by a wizard and lastly an archer. The game was quite enjoyable and it used the Dark souls mechanic that allowed you to leave behind notes unfortunately some people abused this and left stupid memos all over the place.

Some people even left spoilers to the story other times there were genuine hints as to the location of secret treasure or what to bring to boss fights. I liked the game a great deal but some of the end game boss fights were outright unfair but I wont complain about that unless you folks want a review of any of these?

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