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Setting a new world record for money raised in a single gaming marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick(AGDQ) passed over $1,000,000 in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This amazing achievement came in the final moments as the last runner of the marathon faced the final boss of SNES classic, Chrono Trigger. As he battled the boss, more and more donations came flooding in. Over $50,000 in less than 50 minutes, climaxing right as he defeated Lavos with a shout of victory. Then everyone in the room silently looked toward the announcer as he officially announced $1,000,000 raised through AGDQ 2014!


At last check, the total is $1,006,921, and donations are still coming in.

There will be bonus streams starting at 12:00PM EST Sunday that can be found here, and you can still get in your AGDQ donations in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation here: DONATE

You can find archives of the streams on Twitch.tv and on Youtube later.
[Twitch Archives]

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