I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I saw this posted on my Facebook and thought it was an interesting read. I remember a lot of these games when they first came out. I was mainly a PC gamer back in the late 90s-early 00’s

Some of these like No One Lives Forever I had played when they first came out and i might still have the disc somewhere in my mom’s house. That was such a fun game and I wish they would make it available for download.


Others like Swat 4 I only know from Spoony’s Lets Play videos, I never played that one myself. I remember the hype surrounding Black And White when it came out, it was massive but I never played the game itself.

I also never played Day Of The Tentacle but I did have Maniac Mansion on the NES, one of the best games in my NES collection. A couple of these seem like filler just to make 10, like the PC port of MGS 1 and XIII which I remember playing at a friend’s house on his Xbox.

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