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10 "Hidden" TAY Features You May Not Know About

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TAY is a wonderful community, but there are a lot of “secrets” lying beneath the surface that will make you stay with us so much more pleasant! Here’s a list of some great features we have that every member of the community might not know about!

1. The DirecTAYry

We’ll start off with something a lot of people probably know about, but some of you newbies might not. The DirecTAYry was our solution to a direct messaging system for our community. Everyone made a conTAYct page on their personal Kinja blog, and we linked them all in one post to make it easy to find someone if you needed to drop them a line and didn’t want to give out your email or other contact info. It’s easy to make a ConTAYct page and you just need to ping one of the admins to get it added!


2. Discord Chatroom

Discord is the newest text and voice chat platform for gamers. It has a ton of great features and is completely free! Aikage started us a server last year and it has become a fantastic hangout for TAYers to come chat with each other in text for, and a convenient means of voice chat for TAY Game Night! Come by the TAY Discord Server and chat us up!

Quality discussion like this and more awaits you!

3. Steam Group

Did you know we have a TAY Steam group with over 200 members? Neryl started it a while back to organize TAY Game Nights. It’s been a little inactive lately but we’re gonna bring it back! Go join it if you haven’t yet! It will notify you of upcoming TAY game nights and give you a great way to find your fellow TAYers to game with on PC.

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4. Gaming IDs Spreadsheet

In addition to the Steam Group, we have a spreadsheet to make it easy to find your fellow TAYers on all the gaming platforms! The spreadsheet is open for everyone to add their information. Be sure to let anyone you add know that you’re adding them.


5. Destiny Clan

Yup. We’ve got one of those too! For the five people here that still play Destiny. Jokes aside, if you’d like to join, you can find the Talk Amongst Yourselves clan on Bungie.net.


6. PS4 Community

JollyBootsOfDoom runs a TAY PS4 community. It’s not very intuitive, so give him a ping if you want to join it!


7. Talk Amongst Yourselves YouTube Channel

GiantBoyDetective and Steve Bowling run the official TAY YouTube channel where they post game previews and other content. Uploads aren’t too frequent, but it’s worth checking out.


8. TAY Gaming YouTube Channel

Aikage started up a TAY community YouTube channel called TAY Gaming! We upload the archive of TAY Game Night streams there and anyone is welcome to post content. All types of gaming videos are welcome. Give Aikage a ping if you want access!


9. Twitter

Did you know TAY is on Twitter? You can follow TAY @koTAYku and stay up to date with new articles and engage in amusing discussions! It’s also a great way to find your fellow TAYers on Twitter.


10. Facebook Page

TAY also has an official Facebook page! If you want to see TAY articles in your news feed, be sure to give the page a Like!

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