Without further adieu, an attempt to corral (sp?) more of you into picking up Earth Defense Force 2025 before a Night in Gaming next Wednesday (April 23rd - Furbs).

1) This game is fun, a bold faced fun machine. $50 for over 80 levels of fun and 5 difficulties. More levels online, and dlc that actually gives you a challenge. But they give you an insane amount of leeway in terms of weapons to try and deal with these challenges. Actually getting your team together and figuring out how to finish some of these levels give you the type of satisfaction that most developers tend to forsake.

This game isn't a supremely difficult game or anything, at least not on normal mode, but as the challenge rises you might have to actually play to your team mates strengths to clear stages. Think of it, a fun game that actually gives you a chance to use your brain!?

2) The classes. This game provides different classes so that as you learn about the game you can try new classes that fit your play style. Try the Fencer for 3 hours and get bored?Well, start playing the Air Raider or Wing Diver, if you decide to go back though your Fencer will be just as buff as you left them so you never waste your progression.

Progress too far? Turn off your armor so that it goes back to being a real test. Yeah, not gonna happen for a while, but it's good that there's a way to do that. If you play a bit too much with one class you can put your armor however much lower you want it though, so you don't ever lose difficulty if you really do like just one class.


3) Guns: do you want to push for more mobility from a class or more damage? Guns come from random drops, so you might not find a particular gun for a while meaning you actually have to experiment with other gear. I know, the horror! Actually changing your play style based around gear. It's like the designers actually thought about players wanting to mix it up.

Now things get interesting.


4) The support class does more than just support. Air Raiders, who excel at working with other classes both with buffs and trip wire/turret weapons, actually get to bring a vehicle to combat. Not just any vehicles, though you get your share of tanks and more tanks, but mechs. Not just a few mechs, you get giant 4 person mechs that have 60k health, and all this stuff allows for you to drop a buffing device or shield on it. Seriously, put a shield on a tank and then let your team progress as fast as they want, or back up if fights get too intense. And if things go bad you can just set off the explosives you placed around your tank, possibly killing your team and all the civilians as well as ants, but it gives me that Mathematician vibe from FF Tactics that I really respect.

5) There's a class that flies. It's a badass laser wielding class that can drop giant balls of plasma decimating the city landscape or go in close for quick damage and then fly away. Wing Divers give you a chance to see the game from an entirely different perspective, and blow that perspective up with a plasma launcher.


6) Fencer's are basically the Ultimate Warrior in a power suit. I have a friend, he's a bear, he plays as a fencer. Whether he's reflecting enemy attacks back at them or just using his dual-wielded spears to launch volley upon volley of pointy death on the insect cretins Fencers can become the ultimate power-trip. Again this class will make you never see the world the same way again, because you likely blew it up.


7) Dragons.

8) Axe!

9) More guns, cause there are loads of them.


10) Unique use of enemy types. The game knows just how to make new levels interesting, even punishing, when they want to. The fact that they can get such unique effects from the smallest of tweaks to location or enemy numbers goes to show the game wants to make sure everyone finds something interesting. Some levels might not seem too challenging with one class, but when cooperating with a diverse group you find that you might actually need to work together to tackle a level. And the moment when it clicks and you figure out how to stay alive during some gnarly onslaught is like no other.

During game night we probably won't get into anything too intense, but we'll definitely have fun, because it's a game that let's the crazy stuff happen. This game is about giving players a chance to have fun without dumb jokes or a boring color scheme. It's about fun.