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For North Americans, Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa came out for the PS Vita yesterday and that means a psychotic teddy bear has locked you in at crazy school and is just waiting for you and your friends to kill each other off, one by one. Here's a bunch of spoiler-free tips that won't necessarily help you survive the ordeal, but, hey, it's better than nothing.

1. Make an Examination Plan

Don't investigate crime scenes willy-nilly. You'll just up frustrated when you can't find that last clue you need for your trial. Angle your view, and scan rooms from left to right, or right to left. The more organized you are in your search for clues, the less likely you're to miss something important.


2. Talk to Your Crush

In this game, people you like will die. Don't wait to talk to the characters you find interesting, funny, or attractive. They might die (or kill) before you can befriend them.

3. Don't Sweat The Gumball Machine

Don't obsess over getting the perfect gift for characters from the gumball machine like I did. It's just unhealthy behavior.


4. Make multiple saves

Inevitably you'll want a do-over some parts. So save before you do anything you deem as risky.


5. Run, Don't Walk

This school's got some pretty harsh rules, but running in the hallways isn't one of them. Hold down your Circle button and run, don't walk.


6. Go Into Trials With a Flexible Plan

Outline a very flexible plan about who you suspect and why when it comes to these murder cases. Try to keep it together during the trial, but also be willing to scrap it if it's not working.


7. Japanese Voices with English Text

This is a "suggestion" more than a "tip". I will, however, respect you more if you play it this way.


8. Notice Everything

Though you earn a good amount of coins to buy gifts with after each trial, just noticing things in a room can earn you extra coins. Also, you'll uncover clues germane to the overall story.


9. Where Is Everyone?

During your in-game "free-time", characters scatter to different parts of the school. Don't give up when that special someone is not easily found, they're out there.


10. Laugh

For a game about murdering high school students, it sure has a lot of funny dialogue. So laugh... you monster!


Want more tips? You won't find them @marshnaylor

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