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12 Anime To Watch On Christmas

Japan. In a country where Christianity just makes up for something about 1 to 2% of the total population, it is a very funny fact, that they celebrate Christmas, albeit mostly as a commercial and secular festival. Also rather than being a family or religious occasion, Christmas is a time to spend with friends and a significant other so it is quite popular on popular media including Anime.

Since I'm spending this year Christmas alone I decided to put a list of 12 Christmas-themed Anime episodes for you to watch to get in to the mood. (Why 12 you ask?, blame Blizzard, Starcraft and that song that makes me think about the twelve days of Christmas and a brand new SCV since my childhood).


Also this are all series episodes or specials, no movies in here, that's the reason I didn't include the Christmas Anime Movie per excellence Tokyo Godfathers (A movie I will recommend even if you normally don't like Anime, directed by the late Satoshi Kon) or The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya to cite some examples

Very Light Spoilers Follow, if you want you can skip the summary

1.- Love Hina Christmas Special

Summary: A rumor is going around Japan that if you profess your love to someone special on Christmas Eve, all of your wishes will come true. In the meantime, Su and Sara find a letter in Naru's room that contains the words "I always loved…" in it. Naturally, Keitaro soon finds out and decides to profess his love to Naru. Will it be reciprocated?

2.- School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep 19


Summary: It seems like forever since Harima started writing his manga. With the final chapter now complete, will he be able to get through Tenma's thick head how he feels about her this Christmas? It's hilarious how nothing ever goes right for Harima, but you've got to enjoy seeing the lengths he'll go to in order to impress his love.

3.- Toradora Ep. 17,18 (preparations) and 19 (climax)

Summary: Angel Taiga sets up the stage for Ryuiji to finally tell Minori how he feels, but ignores her own feelings towards Ryuji. This was a bittersweet episode which marked a huge turning point in the relationships between the characters. Also there's the video with a Christmas song!


4.- Lucky Star Ep 11


Summary: A very aptly titled episodes, called "Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve". The girls discuss things like believing in Santa Claus, Christmas Cake, Bust Size, some present giving and some reunions.

5.- Azumanga Daioh Ep 17


Summary: The episode starts with Tomo and Kagura get into an argument at class concerning Chiyo's belief in Santa Claus, coming up with explanations regarding how gifts are given around the world in one night and other Christmas things like what type of gift they like and the existence of reindeers. At the end On Christman Eve, the girls decide to go to a karaoke bar to watch each other sing.

6.- Hetalia: Axis Power Ep 31

Summary: In a universe similar yet different from this one, three students at the World Academy W decide to survey the others on how they spend their winter holiday. We get some pretty interesting Ideas and interesting historic facts


7.- Minami-ke Ep 12


Summary: While Chiaki may seem mature most of the time, she still believes in Santa Claus so it's up to everyone to keep her dreams alive. Kana may seem dumb and annoying at times, but she shows her affection for her little sister in episodes like this one.

8.- K-on Ep 7


Summary: Shown largely from Ui's perspective, the episode follows the gang as they have a mini-talent show as part of a friend-centered Christmas celebration. A episode full of sisterly love.

9.- Maison Ikkoku Ep 39-40


Summary: Godai spends the episode tracking down an important rock for Kyoko, and we see what each means to the other as the countdown to the Christmas party ticks away. "Why don't they get together?!" is the eternal question of the series.

10.- Chrono Crusade


Summary: Azmaria looks for a gift for Rosette and Chrono while they try to make this Christmas a special one for Azmaria. This episode takes a short break from the usual demon-slaying in order to remind viewers of the importance of spending time together.

11.- Martian Succesor Nadesico Ep 13


Summary: As the crew prepare to celebrate Christmas, Akito learns that Yurika, Megumi and Ryoko want to spend it with him (lucky bastard), while at the same time Inez wants him to perform an important experiment (nothing perverted).

12.- Vandread Ep 10


Summary: The crew celebrate Christmas, while tracking a nearby comet of ice. The men learn of what this holiday means and adjust accordingly. A very nice change of peace.


There you have it, in case you have some spare time to watch something, or share your passion with someone else, now you have some place to start. So comment or share your owns below, since I'm pretty sure there are a lot more out there or tell about good memories you have from some of them.


Anyway. Happy Christmas to you all!!

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