As a rainbow trail-blazed across the sky over Nintendo’s Corporate Headquarters in Kyoto, gamers around the world continued to mourn the loss of Nintendo’s CEO, Mr. Satoru Iwata.

In the many hats he wore as part of Nintendo’s history, his games and the company he ran defined generations of gamers. We love his spirit, and the playful personality that took center stage during Nintendo Directs and Iwata Asks. His was a brilliant mind. A genuine soul. A beautiful being.

It’s not much, but in an absence of the proper words to express the gratitude for all he’s done, here are 15 songs we’ve been listening to today in tribute to the great Mr. Iwata—ones from games and a company he helped create and shape, as gifts to all of us.

“Balloon Fight Remix (Dedicated to Satoru Iwata)“ - Hirokazu Tanaka


“Fountain of Dreams” — Kirby 20th Anniversary Dream Collection (2012)

“Smiles and Tears” — Earthbound (1994)

“Title Screen” — NES Open Tournament Golf (1994)

“The Great Cave Offensive” — Kirby Superstar (1996)

“Butter Building” — Kirby’s Adventure (1993)

“Pokémon Transfer” — Pokémon Stadium (1998)

“Route 01” — Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal (1999)

“Main Theme” — Animal Crossing (2001)

“Title Theme” — Super Smash Bros (1999)

“All Star Rest Area” — Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)

“Star Festival” — Super Mario Galaxy (2006)

“Tomorrow Hill” — WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2007)

“16 Melodies” — Mother 3 (2006)

“Green Greens” — Kirby’s Dream Land (1992)


Satoru Iwata will be with us forever—always in our memories and our hearts—his impact helping us to move forward in gaming, while never forgetting the simple joy of fun.

Header image by J. “Nach” Acosta

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