I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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16 SixTAY Days of Writing 2020: The Final Push Day Eleven

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After banging my head against the wall with writing with precious few results, I had to take a good long break in order to clear my head. I still don’t know if I’m past my writing block, but I’m glad I took the break. I’m not so stressed about it now, and it’s given me a little time to do some other things. One project I’ve taken on is growing a new rose bush. I have a very old (more than 30 years) rose bush that I got when my new neighbors were doing some landscaping and dug a bunch of old bushes out. It’s a really pretty genus with huge salmon colored blooms and an utterly fantastic scent. A lot of modern roses are grown for their color and tight flowers (for that classic Valentine’s rose look) and the tradeoff is they don’t give off any smell. Since they’re fairly uncommon anymore I’ve taken a stem from this bush and am trying to grow a new bush from it. I’m using a soda bottle for a growing bell, and fingers crossed, this will work out. I’m fairly optimistic considering it’s been less than a week and I’m already seeing new growth on the clipping. As long as I don’t over water it, it should root instead of rot. The one factor to worry about is when the clipping is mature enough to plant outside. Since weather here is extremely wacky, a new plant may not make it to the next year compared to the tough, established bushes that have already adapted. I’m just hoping the clipping’s DNA is already used to all of this and can make the it through the crazy heat of summer and the early winters. What does this have to do with Kaiju Crush? Almost nothing and that’s the point.


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