Hello TAY Folks! I have been away in the deep deep woods of Iowa... but I have returned. Now that school is right around the corner (next week?!) I'm gearing up my classroom. This means new bulletin boards, posters and seating arrangements.

I have two of six boards completed and I need your help with one (or all of them if you're feeling full of ideas). Here is the board I'm working on currently, it has a Gravity Falls theme. Dipper is shining his flashlight on either books or cool science/math facts (I haven't' decided yet). What I need is a simple title that relates to the show, but that everyone will get.

My best so far? "Fall into a good book"

GET IT! Gravity FALLS. I'm a mother fluffin' genius. But I think I can do better. My wife suggested "The Plot Thickens" and I like that one too.


So hit me with your best ideas. If you're really in a creative mood you should pitch me some ideas for my other bulletin boards. If not, well, make some jokes or something. I don't have much summer left to enjoy!