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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Presents: TAY Game Night!

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In my recent theme of taking dead properties, dusting them off, and trying to make them a thing. I now present, TAY PODCAST!



also in the same vein, I will now do hypothetical Q and A format for kicks.

But Aikage Senpai, Didn’t we/don’t we have game night already?

uhhhhhhhh nope! Originally Neryl did it way back when, then she had some stuff happen and gave it up so I took it over and it was pretty good, then I weinered away to the lands of make believe and left it in DisturbedShadow’s capable hands and it died because the community went through a bit of a downturn.


So Why Do You Think It Will Work Now?

I have no idea if it will or won’t but I remember that when I first joined TAY one of the things that really appealed to me, as jumping into the forums was daunting, was the extra curricular things. Movie night and Game night is easy enough to attend even if you don’t know anyone. We have several new people or fresh faces and I’d like to offer them a venue where they can get to know regulars and new people alike. Also...


You Say You’re Going To Bribe Us?

Of Course!! It’s the Furby way! So here’s how nouveau game night shall work.

  1. You show up and play
  2. You get your name entered into a drawing for the month
  3. At the end of the night I draw a name from the people who attended.
  4. This person is entered into a yearly drawing for a 60$ Best Buy voucher! Since we’re starting in February your odds are even better!

Wow! I Could Get A New Video Game With That! How Do I Attend?

Great question hypothetical reader! For now, I will be doing game night ONCE a month. Previously we were up to twice a week. This was too much for me. If anyone wants to help out with hosting let me know. It’s a commitment so please don’t try to help if you aren’t willing to be at a game night once a month (so we could do game night twice a month).



Something Something Cross Event Synergy...question?

Why yes, of course I will also mention that our game nights will be streamed on the TAY Youtube channel. We will meet up in the TAY Discord for voice chat and organization! Also, whoever wins the TAY Photoshop contest will have their entry used as the TAY Game Night Header image for the following month!


OK, So As Of Now, Game Night will be the LAST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 8pm EST?

That’s correct. Towards the end of the month I’ll get a post up asking you for game night suggestions for the following month. We can do PS4, PC, XBOX1, whatever system you want. I just did a fallback game for this month that I’m 90% sure you own and also will be accomodating if we have less people show up.


I Want to Help/I Want to Have a Game Night And Not Be Affiliated With This/Toe Cancer

If you’re not interested in hosting skip to the comments now!

If you want to host another game night I have these tips for you:

  1. Don’t be afraid to Spam invites to everyone on Steam/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc. No one on TAY remembers anything. It’s group amnesia/alzheimers. I mean this. We all have problems. Send help.
  2. Don’t be discouraged if no one shows. This happens. It WILL happen. The more we have a consistent time and place, the more people will begin to remember and show up.
  3. Be friendly! Don’t expect people to want to stay and hang out with you if you’re going to be a grump or trash talk them. Remember the goal is to get people to play and have fun, not beat them into submission
  4. Try Co op games vs. Multiplayer deathmatch. These are especially nice as there are a number of them on PC and PS4 that have a 4 player limit so if not a lot of people show up it’s ok. These can be a curse though if you pick one and everyone shows up. You have to coordinate multiple teams. Coop games are more condusive to conversation/discussion and less prone to hurt feelings and rage quitting :P
  5. Pick an older, cheap, fun game. Starcraft is 15$. I would consider that the upper range on price. However, everyone should go buy Starcraft now, because I’m telling you we’re going to have retro Starcraft night sometime.

I’ve got more but I feel I’m going off track here. If you want to host a game night and you want to use this format and have people entered into the drawing/etc. contact me first. We can arrange something! Just be prepared to host!

I have more questions though! Wait, don’t cut me of—

OK, I hope I’ve made things pretty clear, but if you’re still not sure of something, or you want to discuss, I’ll be around today and I’ll bump this once a week or so on various days.


Pertinent Links

http://bit.ly/1Ov9ugV Gaming ID Spreadsheet

TAY Discord

TAY Steam Group

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