I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Spoilers for the first Mass Effect ahead!

I’ve told this story around here before, but many years ago now a new friend of mine lent me a game. Before I could ever really give it a chance, he passed in his sleep. Not knowing his family, and feeling it was rude to walk up to said family during his viewing going “Hey, here’s the game your son lent me!”, I kept the game. A few months later, in his memory, I decided I’d give it a try.


And by the goddess, am I so happy I did. Mass Effect touched me in a way nothing else in the gaming world ever has. Some have come close, but none have really given me that same sense of wonder. And the music was a major part of why the game worked.

Right from the opening title, the game seemed epic and mysterious. The peaceful notes that build into a crescendo as you first glance upon your Shepard works perfectly to introduce the main character into the game.

The music that accompanies Saren, the main villain of the game is just perfect. This practically screams “Evil asshole!”.

Uncharted Worlds is probably my favorite piece from the entire series, not just this first game. It’s pretty much the perfect deep space exploration music. I feel that it really invokes that sense of being almost lost amongst the stars.

Sovereign’s Theme is again near perfect for the enemy you meet alongside it. It makes Sovereign and the rest of the Reapers seem extremely alien and almost unstoppable.

M4 Faunts. What can I say? This end credits song is perfect. You saved the day, but you can tell your work is just beginning. Again, near as perfect as I think you can really get.


There were so many songs I had to skip just to keep from turning this post into a novel. These were just by far my favorite tracks in the game, and contribute heavily to what makes the first Mass Effect my favorite game of all time.

I look forward to your own posts for TAY Theme Week: Music, and hope you enjoyed some of the music I shared with you today!

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