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Hello TAY! I’m here to ask for a favor, and hopefully someone here is digitally artsy enough, and willing to help me. I’m gonna keep this short because, well this isn’t really related to any normal TAY subject matter. Warning possible feels incoming...

I noticed something last Christmas. We recieved a card from my grandparents, and I noticed that instead of my daughters name was replaced with my aunts, and it was signed “Love Auntie Daele”. I thought it was super weird, and so I called my mother, and that’s the day I learned my Grandmother was developing Alzheimers.

Luckily my Grandparents, are actually quite young (early 70's) so my Grandpa was still able to take care of her.


In February I learned that my Grandpa had been diagnosed with cancer, and within two months of finding out, he passed away. Alot of the responsibility of taking care of my Grandma now fell on me and my parents (she has other kids, but they don’t live near). So she lived with my parents for a few weeks, and always required constant supervision, which landed on me and my siblings. Finally she got moved into an assisted living facility, but unfortunately it was on the opposite side of the city, and she understandably would like to be somewhere closer to her family, and so she was put on a waiting list for a home minutes from where my parents live.

Just today, she was finally able to move into what will be her final home, and is in need of some decoration. She has degraded to the point that it’s a 50/50 shot that she will correctly remember who any of us are, so I thought that a family tree with pictures and names would help her when she gets confused. That’s where I need help...

I’m looking for someone to make a family tree for me that I will then print and frame. I’ve looked around online, and haven’t really been able to find what I’m looking for. It needs to have pictures, and names, for everyone from her to her great grandchildren (it’s not actually that large), I can either provide pictures, or I should be able to photoshop pictures into slots (I think...). Here’s kinda the design I was thinking:


If this gift is something you could help me out with, let me know. I’m don’t have alot of money to spend on this, but I can maybe gift you some games on steam or something.

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