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All I Want for Christmas is... My Life

Hey, all! I’m sorry I keep interrupting with this, but...well...y’know. If you don’t, you will soon enough. At least instead of a new post I’m just updating a previous one.

[UPDATE Below]

So, before we get into it, if you somehow haven’t heard from all my blabbering (I bet most of the TAY regs are probably sick of hearing it, since it’s just about my terrible life and not Anime or the Nintendo Switch) here is the worst part of my life’s equation:


Now that you’re all on the same page, I have some news.

I met my goal in three hours after that article posted Wednesday (12/21). I was initially worried that I wouldn’t come close and was asking too much. Today, Friday, I’m at nearly double. Holy shit.

Santa is getting lit AF

I am beyond satisfied with where my fundraiser is. If it doesn’t make a single penny more between now and when I end it (right after I update how I went to the Courthouse and filed the form I’ve been sitting on) I will still be more than happy. Everyone gave me more than I could possibly want, enough to fix my shit and even pay some bills. That’s truly incredible.


But my focus has changed. I detail how I came to this decision in the fundraiser, but the basic point is this:

I need every possible person’s help in sharing this. Everyone. You don’t have to donate money, you don’t have to be from my state, or even the US at all, and you don’t have to go out of your way at all. All I need is the time it would take to post on your Facebook/Twitter (or both)


“Hey, please check this out and share. goo.gl/zE89Wk #helpmeexist #dogood #charity“

Hell, you can just copy that and paste it to your social media platform of choice. Just please share it. Please.


I figure if it becomes a very discussed subject, maybe my local news realises “hey! The first draft of this popular story has been in our inbox for MONTHS!” And decides to jump on it while they can.

Then THAT report is seen by a judge or a specialized attorney.

OR it’s so big that it becomes NATIONAL news. And an intern for Bernie Sanders says, “Sir, this guy contacted us over the summer!” And State Rep Deborah Kula goes “wait a minute, is that the guy that tried to explain his situation to me two years ago, but I blew him off while asking for his vote?”


Then Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, and Hilary Clinton’s people go “Hey, this guy tweeted us a VEERRRY similar story back in October saying anyone who helped could use his story. That could have won us some extra votes!”

Maybe Kotaku’s own Jason Schreier thinks, “Oooohhh! So THAT’S what those links I keep ignoring are for!”


At the very least though, local news would notice it. And that is all I need. Here’s the link again: goo.gl/zE89Wk

Thank you


[Update]: I’ve spent the past few days sharing my article and fundraiser everywhere I could think of. This includes all the local news channels with email, local paper(s), and even Kotaku journalists (I know it’s a gaming site, but I’m not looking for Kotaku coverage).


This morning I received a reply from my local newspaper. It’s...well, here:


From:Tom Birdsong, Post-Gazette

Let me give you a tip: when an inquiry to the media starts out by talking about a legal dickhole, most of us would stop reading right there. That kind of language doesn’t pique our curiosity and compel us to read more. It tends to make us hit the trash key and move on to the next email.”


So apparently the reason I’ve been ignored is the bad, shamey shamey words in the Cracked article that didn’t exist any previous time I contacted the media. My reply follows:

“To:Tom Birdsong, Post-Gazette


Let me respond to your “tip”:

When the “real” media ignores any legitimate attempts to reach out, and a comedy website that makes dick jokes actually listens, you tend to care less about how the story is told- so long as it’s told.


The way you so deftly missed the point of the article to focus on naughty language reminds me of the role media played in getting a racist, narcissistic, xenophobic, unprepared misogynist with a penchant for praising war crimes and nuclear warfare elected to the highest office of the land. Every time the news shouted “OH the LANGUAGE!!”, Rural White America said, “Who cares? We’re all adults.” Thus missing all the truly horrific possibilities.

Here’s a link to a far less crude early draft. I’ll warn you now it still uses potty words so you can plan accordingly and maybe actually understand my plight.



I appreciate you taking the time to respond.”

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