I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hiya TAY! How have things been going around here? It’s been a while, but I’m back to cover for Zarnyx the Opressor. Let us ruffle all the feathers and break all the rules while she’s gone okay?

So recently the Super NES Classic Edition was announced to the collective sighs of those individuals who will have a hard time obtaining them. I myself never bought the NES Classic because my fondness for the NES isn’t that deep and they were always so hard to track down. I’m very tempted to try and hunt one of these down with the same methods I used to hunt my switch which means little to no sleep for me.


As for the lineup of games that are bundled with this system you don’t get much better. Almost every game is a masterpiece in their respective genres and I look forward to playing them again even if I have a couple of the cartridges still. Anyways, the SNES is the system that I got my start in gaming with. My first game was Donkey Kong Country 2 and I instantly became hooked on gaming according to my parents (for better or for worse). Every now and again I still play through DKC 2 to completion and have every song and stage committed to memory. It will honestly probably remain my favorite platformer of all time.


  • Where’d ya get your start in gaming? Any specific consoles/games?
  • Do you have an all time favorite game that you just love to death?
  • Have you ever recommended your favorite game to someone only to be crushed because they didn’t love it?
  • Are you on the hunt for an Super NES Classic or are you tired of the Great Nintendo Console Hunts?

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